Stay Fit On The Road With Free Hotel Room Workouts

Image by: espensorvik
By Kurt Garrity

Let’s face it – it can be difficult staying fit while on the road, guys. Even when there’s a “gym” inside the hotel you are holed up in, who wants to come into contact with the hot dog juice that some dough boy left all over the “work-out” machines they do have. No thanks. There is a better way, tough guy. And it has been right in front of you all along.

Bottom line – you don’t need to lug around any equipment. All you need is some dedication to looking and feeling good. Well, that and your trusty laptop to watch some video and follow along with these free handy guides to keeping fit while traveling.

The 20-Minute Hotel Workout

The Nerd Fitness blog has posted a free regimen dubbed The 20-Minute Hotel Workout to help keep you in shape while traveling, using only what’s normally available in a hotel room. Program designer Steve – first names only please – promises you a full, sweat-inducing workout that works most every muscle in your body in only (you guessed it) 20 minutes. There are three levels of intensity so you can choose which one is the best fit for you.

Hotel Room Workout has posted a free 30-minute guide to working out in your hotel room cobbled together from suggestions from several different workout pros and health experts using the furniture and space available in your temporary home. No, it doesn’t mention blood doping as an option (for the record, shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong has separated himself from Livestrong, so don’t let his cheating ways stop you from giving it a try).

Daily Dose With Jillian Michaels

Here’s a nearly six-minute, professionally produced video from Everyday Health and workout guru (and all-around babe) Jillian Michaels that, besides being quite fun to watch, also gives you plenty of ways to work those muscles when you are staying away from home. OK, she’s not actually in a hotel room, but I think you’ll get the point.