Learn the Power Of Influence & Emotion When It Comes to Materializing Success In Business & Love

Image by: José Manuel Ríos Valiente
By Mike Venture

How do you know what success feels like? Is it socking away money in the bank? Does it happen when you meet a sales goal, nail a big presentation, or hit 100,000 subscribers? It’s different for every man for many reasons. But the common element has to do with happiness. Is what you perceive as success also making you happy?

I ask because I care fellas! Now I know there are those out there who are perfectly content with putting in crazy hours at a J.O.B. that pays well like these two garbage men who bank over $100K a year. That’s all well and good, but if you have bigger plans rolling around your head all day then you can’t ignore them anymore because eventually they are just voices and that’s not good.

For the sake of argument, let’s say you are a garbage collector and you have other aspirations. Maybe you want to document the life and times of picking up trash, or you want to start your own type of sanitation company because of something you noticed was missing from the one you work for. Perhaps you want to write and star in your own Broadway musical called, “This Show Is Garbage.”

Whatever your goals might be, they are there for a reason. Probably many reasons actually.

I mean, you were attracted to picking up garbage for some reason after all. And that’s the first step in pursuing your goals; understanding your influences and what drives you.

Friends, family, experiences, even people you have never met all influence you. From your taste in music, food, and movies, to how you dress, talk, and act; everything about you has been learned by watching others. Of course you are still in control of how you do all of those things, but the world certainly gives you some help.

As you begin to find commonalities between all of the influences in your life you can use them to guide your marketing strategy for your ideas. What does that mean? Find other people and influencers who share your interests, views, beliefs, goals, etc. and start interacting with them.

Influencers are your main target because these are people and companies who have already built up customers and/or an audience who trusts them and seeks their advice or content. The best influencers are not only very active in their techniques, but they also spur action among their followers instead of just consumption.

It’s the difference between someone like Emerald Lagasse recommending a nice Italian dish to cook for your wife or girlfriend versus the kid bagging your groceries. Who are you more likely to listen to? No offense to baggers, they do good work.

For a more detailed look at what goes into getting good press, check out the piece How to Create Relationships With Influencers to Boost Your Content Reach by writer Julia McCoy. It’s really a great crash course in knowing what moves to make and how to start getting more likes and shares on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts of “The Weirdest Garbage I Pick Up.”

And now that Facebook has added a few emoji’s to their Like button, get ready for yet another way to analyze content. The move was a year in the making and is based on the diligent research of Facebook workers that concluded what emotions would best suit this feature.

Turns out “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry” are what they came up with.

It means that content itself on Facebook can be sorted based on the type of emotions it registers. Think of it like a hashtag with a face. So now when your fans or customers interact with your posts you can use those little faces to help you recognize patterns and associate what emotions cause the most traffic based on the content.

I know right now they seem kind of silly, but there is always a method to madness my friends.

It’s because companies have been capitalizing the value of emotions when it comes to their bottom line. Hey, it’s just business. If you think about it, you do the same thing. Or at least you should be.

Knowing the emotions of customers and followers is important in any industry, but it might be even more vital when it comes to the woman in your life.

Take it from Curtis Wiklund, a man who was inspired by a conversation with his wife to draw a picture every day for year that reflected some part of their existence together. Besides being like a modern day version of those little “Love Is…” comics from back in the day, Wiklund also created a way to bring him and his wife closer than ever, while learning to understand all the emotions at play between a couple.

You won’t have the help of emoji’s when it comes to deciphering the emotions of your girlfriend or wife, but you can see from the simple drawings that real love can’t be expressed merely by clicking a button. Just imagine that you are her biggest influencer and I think you can figure out the rest.