Be More In Control Of Your Life When You Follow These 4 Steps Towards Making Patience Your Strongest Virtue

Image by: Pexels
By James Reubin

How do you deal with the discomforts in your life? Do you easily get affected when things don’t go your way or by the little inconveniences that occur in your day?

Last weekend, my childhood friend Nick and I went for a drive in the city to pick up something for his online business. On our way home, he decided to pass by the gas station and fill up.

However, the line at the gas station was long because only two pumps were working. Nick and I didn’t have any choice but to wait for our turn since he needed to deliver some orders the following morning and needed to gas up now. Eventually the situation really started to piss him off and he started to curse as if doing so would make the line move faster.

He also got into an argument with an old man who was selling scented oils. The man approached our car and was asking if we would want to give his product a try to which Nick responded impolitely saying that the product was stupid and that it smelt like crap.

I understand that Nick wasn’t interested with the product and the man was a little pushy, but he could’ve just said NO nicely. The old man was trying to make a decent living for heaven’s sake. I felt so uncomfortable in the passenger seat while I watched everything happen.

But the story doesn’t end there. The driver of the car in front of us was kind of taking his time and was moving his vehicle really slowly. And because Nick got worried that a car from the back of the line would try to cut, he honked and told the driver to move faster. However, it just made the other guy mad, so he drove up a little and intentionally slammed on his breaks.

Nick’s car slightly collided with the car in front of us. Though there was no damage at all, the driver of the car asked Nick to just pay him $20 for the inconvenience. That nearly sent Nick and the into a fight, but after all the ruckus, Nick finally just agreed to just pay the guy!

I could not wait to sit down later that day and write about these excellent reasons to exercise patience whenever the going gets tough and life gets beyond your control.

Because Great Things Take Time

Good things take time because you need to work hard for them, earn them, wait for them and sometimes, fight for them. Things, people and relationships become valuable because of the amount of effort, time and sacrifices you put into to it.

In the piece, “It Doesn’t Matter What Dating App You Use Because Love is About Timing,” writer Irene Eloisa emphasizes the importance of being patient when looking for the one.

Guys, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a dating app or going to a bar every weekend. When you know exactly what you’re looking for, you just don’t go out there to explore your options, you don’t rush through things, you don’t settle for anything less and you don’t give up easily. Instead, you persist, you try again until you find that someone who’s worth every bit of your love and time.

Because It Helps You Come Up With Wiser Decisions

Patience broadens your perspective and elevates your understanding. When you are not anxious to do something, you can pay more attention to details. You have time to study and analyze ideas before passing judgment. You avoid doing mental shortcuts and having a conclusion based on partial information.

If you want to expand your business, for instance, one of the best options is to build a partnership. Now even though that is a good strategy, you still have to watch out for these 6 crucial things before joining forces with a business partner.

So, take your time and avoid making rash decisions so you won’t end up hurting your business in the long run.

Because The World Doesn’t Operate on Your Schedule

One of the great things about my job is that I can work on my own time. Of course there are things that happen that are not within my control, like power or internet service outages. So, the question is who’s going to adjust?

I can call my net provider’s customer service and rant the whole day, but how is it going to improve my situation? I can complain all I want but will that help me with my work? Sometimes, we just have to accept that the universe runs on its own timing and we just have to find ways on how we can possibly benefit from the circumstances.

And to help you cultivate self-control, check this out – “Breathe Your Way to Greater “Success.”

Because It Allows You to Be In Control Of Your Life

The world is full of people who are mean, cruel and hurtful. They give you an incredible amount of stress, make you want to explode in anger and destroy your ability to enjoy life. But when you learn how to plant control within yourself, you’ll be able to take back control over this unstable world.

According to Dr. Gregory Jantz, patience is a wise response to life. Though it does not necessarily give you the power over circumstances, it allows you to control yourself in the midst of circumstances.

So, try to grow into it. Practice it every time you find yourself in a difficult situation because you may not be able to change your problems, but at least you can change your attitude and the way you see things.