Need An Extra Hand? Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Employees

Image by: pasukaru76
By Tony Melino

Whether you need an extra hand while you’re gearing up for a product launch, company has grown exponentially and need assistance, or just would like to boost productivity; there are numerous benefits to hiring temporary employees.

Temporary vs Permanent

The basic determining value between a temporary employee and a permanent one is just as they sound. A permanent employee you have to deal with employee benefits, focus on the employees activity, and all of the other legalities issues that may arise.

Temporary employees are just what you need to make sure your product launch or your project gets finished on time with as little headaches as possible. If they are seasonal help (2-6 months) then you don’t need to discuss benefits with them.

As a courtesy for those people you employ for a year or 2 but is still considered a “temporary employee” because they have an end date; it may be nice to discuss the most basic benefits package with them [if they want benefits from your company].

Staffing Agencies

Another glorious thing about temporary workers is that you don’t need to prescreen all of the candidates to see if they are qualified. There are staffing agencies that you can go through that will do all of that mess for you.

They’ll prescreen them to your qualifications, be ready to work in your field, and already come with common knowledge about what your company is all about. All you have to do is interview the final candidates (or have HR interview them) to make sure they are 100% compatible with your company and the position.

This way, you’ll be paying the staffing agency a set rate of pay and every two weeks, the agency will be paying the temporary employee. That way; you also won’t have to discuss benefits with them because they are technically employed by the staffing agency.. not your company.

Employ Certain People

Another great thing about temporary employees is that you can hire a person that specializes in something that your company can benefit from. Whether that’s a marketing director from a competitor that left the company and is looking for work. He has a specialization that could benefit your company and give him temporary employment.

Another way to look at it is if you are really in the need for an efficient assistant; you want someone who is experienced to take care of the day to day tasks you don’t have time for. This way, they’ll already know what to do, how to do it, and will be efficient at their job instead of learning the ropes.

Independent Contractors

When it comes to temporary employees, another route you could go is to hire independent contractors. Independent contractors are self employed individuals who have a specialized skill or trade that the company hires for a certain period of time.

A benefit to hiring an independent contractor is that there isn’t tons of red tape like an employee. There are numerous ways an employee can sue a company and that number decreases when you hire an independent contractor.

Another benefit to hiring ICs is that you have better flexibility when it comes to staffing. These people are usually specialized when it comes to their position and reduces time/money on training. There is also more leeway when hiring and letting them go.

Ultimately fellas; temporary employees and independent contractors will definitely save you money, make you more efficient, and allow your project [or launch] to finish in a more efficient manner.