Learn the Best Ways to Stand Out, Leave Your Mark, & Inspire Your Inner Zen Master

Image by: Andreas Klinke Johannsen
By Jack Day

Who comes to your mind when you think about legendary people? King Arthur? George Washington? Albert Einstein? Michael Jordan?

There’s a lot that goes into leaving a legacy, just take a look at these Shaolin monks who live in a realm outside the world we know. That’s epically legendary stuff right there. Here are some ways you can work on leaving behind your own mark on the world. No mountain living required.

  • Need some help in figuring out just what your legacy will be? Here’s 3 ways to get you started
  • Don’t be another copy when it comes to defining yourself or your business. Follow these steps to be valuable and remarkable
  • Here’s some ways to work less and make more money when you are in business for yourself
  • Learn why Doppler Labs AR Listening System has created the future of ear buds equipped with audio augmented reality, or the freaking coolest sound experience of your life
Like the Commercial Used to Ask, “What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?”

Guys I hate to say it, but we all have to face the reality that we’re not going to live forever. So whatever stage you’re at in your life, it’s not too late to think about the ways you can.

For instance, in writer Grant Cardone’s piece How to Leave a Legacy, he talks about how the death of his father made him question what people would say and think about him when his time comes.

For Cardone it all has to do with knowing that he was able to help people succeed through what he said or wrote during his life.

Ever think about what you want to be remembered for? Talked about for? Have a statue of you erected on every continent for?

It’s a brave thing to face mortality because you learn to gain a deeper respect for it that ultimately makes you a better man. A man who can make his mark, his way! Do it by:

  • Always working on bettering yourself, either with education, experiences, exercise, or whatever else improves who you are
  • Never be untrue to yourself or others. Bernie Madoff is not the kind of legend you want to be remembered as.
  • Do not let your flames die out. Keep your passion alive by always staying busy and feeding your soul the fuel is needs to be legendary
Be Valuable & Remarkable

A decent living can be made by just riding the coattails of success, but if you want to be remembered for something more, you have to try harder than that.

Entrepreneur and writer Jurgen Appelo believes that true and meaningful success comes when you ignore what everyone else is doing and create your own vision.

Just take a look at all the cooking shows on YouTube. There are A TON of copy cats, but then there are those original thinkers who took a common concept like preparing food and turned it into their own unique brand.

Creating value is done by striking a cord with people in a way that they can connect with you or your business. And to be remarkable is to go places no one else has by thinking about things differently and coming at the world from a new angle.

When you just do what others have before you to find success, you’re going to eventually realize what an unfulfilling experience it becomes.

Work Hard, But Not At What You Shouldn’t

I’m willing to bet that you could use some extra time while you’re busy creating your empire, right? Of course you could! That’s why it might be worth taking a look at some ways you could be working less and making more money with your business.

By doing things like:

  • Automating as much as possible
  • Eliminating waste and products that don’t sell
  • Create in house resources for your customers
  • Hiring an assistant
  • Minimize multi-tasking
  • And using a timer to help keep tasks maintained

…you can uncover the time you need to focus on more important things like counting all of the extra money you are going to make.

An Experience Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard

Controlled by microprocessors with numerous adjustable settings, the new Here buds by Doppler Labs are set to change the way you here everything.

From recorded music to live, and from conversations to every little sound the world around you has to offer, these powerful buds are basically like if Google glasses met hearing aides, as they allow the user to hear the world around them through an augmented audio reality.

Or HD hearing if you like.

You may not ever get to Nepal or Tibet to live and meditate with the Shaolin monks, but with these bad boys you can get the closest to being a Zen Master as you will ever be.