Get Ready For Some Football & Much More With These Inspiring Ideas For Lasting Success

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By Mike Venture

Ah the Super Bowl, my favorite holiday next to the World Series and the NBA Finals. Manning and Newton, in the battle of the best. I’m going to get it out of the way, I love Pey-Pey, but I think Cam is going to run a mess all over the Broncos. Of course there are those who would disagree.

Aside from needing some last minute ideas for throwing an awesome Super Bowl party, I’ve also got some quick thoughts to share about stuff that will last longer than four quarters.

  • Learn what it takes to always have the right answer for problems the first time, every time
  • Ever watch Shark Tank? Listen to a podcast of business mogul and shark Daymond John tell you his amazing story of success from selling pencils at 6 years old to becoming an icon
  • And just in time for the big game here are some quick tips about cooking from a culinary school graduate
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of a successful Super Bowl party, like the supposed best drumstick recipe ever
  • And just for fun, preview some of the best Super Bowl commercials before game day
  • In order to recover the right way you’ve got to give your mind some lovin’. Learn how sensory deprivation and lucid dreaming could unlock all sorts of awesomeness
The Right Answer Comes From Building a Solution Strategy

So you’re not going to be able to instantly think of the right answer to difficult questions. But when you know the steps involved to get there, it will be a smooth and effective process.

For one, forget making snap decisions anymore because all they do is set a precedent that real problems don’t need to be discussed first. Even if you think you know all the in’s and out’s without needing a second thought, give it a second thought.

Always think of all the potential consequences in your answer and use other people to bounce it off of to get multiple perspectives working.

Precision is also a factor, so remember to allow enough time for the process to work with critical decisions. And also consider any planning that is going to go into effect once the decision has been made. This will give you the foresight needed to detect any issues that might arise.

To really see what getting into business for yourself is like and hear what making decisions is all about, listen to writer Lewis Howes’ interview of FUBU creator and ultra-entrepreneur Daymond John.

You’ll learn why John says being broke helps you learn the ins and outs of your business, how not to spend too much money on an idea without testing it first, and what he says are the most important things about having a mentor and being one.

Let’s Talk Football!

First, check out this piece that will show you some serious tips for getting your game on in the kitchen. You’ll learn straight from culinary graduates who will bring you up to speed and help you cheat your way to getting some serious skills.

Then try out your new abilities with this recipe that is being called the best drumstick recipe ever. If you are going to do a football party right, you can’t forget this gem guys.

Next check out this list of do’s and don’ts when throwing a Super Bowl Party, that I’m sure will help you think of a few things you might be forgetting. Like not running out of food or alcohol. It sounds impossible, but it has happened and when it does, it is not a pretty site.

Don’t be remembered for being the guy that didn’t have enough party at his party.

Now if you need to get your fill of commercials like I do before the game because you will be too busy to watch every second of the actual game, have a look at some of the best of the best so far.

All I’m going to say is that whoever thought of putting a field of wiener dogs in wiener costumes needs a raise because that’s high quality commercialing right there!

Give Your Mind a Rest From All the Excitement

In case you have never heard of sensory deprivation, you might be interested to know it’s basically like floating in space, according to those who have done it.

Writer Nathan Wiebe what it was like clocking over 100 hours floating in one of the enclosed chambers that is filled with salt and water heated to your exact body temperature. Sheltered from all distractions and outside stimulus, you are truly alone with your thoughts for the first time.

This state of hyper self-awareness can help with provoking more lucid dreaming, which is a good way to get in touch with the thoughts of your unconscious. By learning to control your dreams, there could be crossover benefits in your waking life.

It might be just what you need to recover if your team happens to lose too!