Learn Some Of These Mental Techniques to Stay Alert & Focused In Every Area Of Your Life

Image by: RyanMcGuire
By James Reubin

Last Sunday, my girlfriend and I were craving chicken and lamb BBQ so we decided to meet early and have a lunch date.

I was having a slight headache already before I picked her up, but I didn’t mind it because I didn’t want to keep her waiting.

While we were indulging ourselves, I started to feel upset and felt like I wanted to throw up. I didn’t want to create a scene in the restaurant so I asked her to just pack our food and eat the rest at my place.

I was feeling dizzy too so I let her drive and asked her to pass by the drugstore. It was a holiday so there were not much people around. There were only 2 other cars parked in front; one was like ours and the other was a family van with its windows rolled down.

Since I couldn’t get up from my seat, I just asked my girlfriend to carry my wallet and buy the medicine for me.

Shortly after she went in, she came rushing back out looking really scared. I was worried because at that same moment, I saw a suspicious man running to the back of my car.

I immediately opened the door for her and she told me how the guy who owned the van just got robbed.

So, I decided to get out and see if I could help in any way. I found out that the guy was just buying a drink from the pharmacy so he didn’t bother to close his car windows.

When he came out he saw a person reaching for something inside his car. When the stranger saw him coming he ran off, but the victim hesitated to follow the thief because he saw he had a knife.

For a second there, I got real scared. If we had arrived a little earlier, my girlfriend could’ve been the victim.

The owner of the pharmacy also got worried and decided to close the store for the day, thinking that they were probably the original target.

That situation surprisingly made me forgot my headache.

Mindfulness is an important skill. Knowing what’s going on around you helps you become more alert and ready for anything that could happen.

Like soldiers, police officers and assassins in movies, we civilians should also learn to observe our surroundings and make detailed assessments of any given situations. This skill could be applied in our daily activities.

In the dating scene, for instance, it is best if we have an idea about what’s going through our date’s head to make them more comfortable around us.

We should be attentive and sensitive to other people’s feelings so we could have better judgment and act accordingly.

In “16 Real Women On Their Top Insecurities On a Date,” writer Dana Leigh Smith reveals that women, regardless if they are beautiful or confident, also feel pressure whenever they go out on a date.

Same principle also applies in the business arena.

We always have to be socially conscious in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our consumers.

Keeping ourselves informed with the latest trends and developments in the industry will help us map our plans better and prepare for any changes in the system.

To keep you updated with what’s about to happen in the online marketing world, here are the “5 Predictions in Digital Marketing to Watch.”

Though there are several changes in e-commerce on a weekly basis, it’s best that we can do some advance preparations to be ahead of the game.

Pay attention to the right things.

It’s not always the threat that we should look out for. We can also take a look at some game-changers in the society such as technological, scientific and most importantly, medical advances.

This could help us determine if we’re going to be skydiving on our eighties or we would be bedridden and paying for expensive twilight years.

It will be worthy to check this out – “6 Modern Medical Breakthroughs That are About to Change the Health Game.”

I can’t wait to try the “painkiller patch” for my migraine because almost all medicine upsets my tummy. However, I find the “bionic eye” most interesting.

But what if there were no threats, no anomalies and you’re not in a life and death situation?

Well, guys, there is something called as “relaxed alert.”

In tactical combat, this state of mind is also known as “condition yellow.” It is when you stay calm but still focused on your senses, the sights, sounds and smell of the things that surrounds you.

You need to be in this mindset to enjoy love-making, especially in fulfilling your partner’s wildest and wicked fantasies.

To spice up your sex life, you can take a look at this “12 Provocative Role Play Scenarios.”

Remember to play it cool, when the sexiest cop in town handcuffs you and throw you inside the car like a dirty criminal you are.

In essence, presence of mind helps us make better decisions, act accordingly to situations and feel life more. It requires regular practice until such time that it just comes out of you naturally.