How to Shield Your Personal Energy From All the Negativity Around You

Image by: Unsplash
By Alvin Martin

When I was 5 years old, I got bit by my own dog, Doggie. It was my fault though. I took her grandson, King, from his mother, Puppy. I played with King a little and afterwards, I brought him back to his grandmother.

When I felt that Doggie didn’t feel like playing with her grandson, I decided to take away King from her, then the unexpected thing happened.

I broke down and started crying. My mother, who is a nurse, gave me a first aid treatment before carrying me to the hospital.

It was a traumatic experience for a kid my age so to comfort me, my father got me a pull-string musical bear. It’s still clear in my memory how the sound from that toy soothed me.

From then on, that toy bear became my best friend. I always had it beside me whenever I got sick and I believed that it helped me get better.

As I got older, however, I played with it less and less, since it was obviously for children. Though it calmed me, I needed to grow up.

Many years passed and I graduated from college, got my first job, lost it, got a new job again, got promoted, got married and had a kid.

My son will soon celebrate his 7th birthday and this year, he made a special request to spend it with my parents. So, I took a 5-day vacation leave so we could really enjoy the countryside.

I haven’t been in my parents’ house for almost 5 years. So, when I saw my room, I felt so “at home.” The happy memories of my childhood began to play in my head and before I became completely nostalgic, a big box on top of my closet captured my attention.

My curiosity told me to find out what was inside it. To my surprise, it was full of my old toys: my Robocop, Ultraman car race set and some of my Lego pieces! At the very bottom of the box, I saw my little musical bear.

I got emotional, but I didn’t want my wife to see me crying over a toy so I just stopped my tears from falling. I pulled the string to see if it could still play music and to my amazement, it still worked!

I kept it playing while the music seemed to reach out to the child in me. It gave me a certain energy that made me feel like I was a kid again.

Things, living or non-living, are constantly surrounded by energy or aura. It can be shared or absorbed by other people or objects in our surroundings.

We may not see it but we could definitely sense it. This is the reason why we feel exhausted when we are around stressed out and negative people or why we feel low-spirited whenever we go to certain places like hospitals or cemeteries.

These types of people and places drain our energies, zap out our happiness, block good opportunities and limit our potential from achieving something great. Worst, it could even make us sick.

Brush off the negativity in your mind by changing your way of thinking and giving it a positive spin.

Stop telling yourself every time you fail that “you’re not capable of doing great things,” instead change your wording and say “you’ll do better next time.”

Self-talk is powerful and to arm you with more positive energy, you should always keep these things in mind – “7 Quotes to Help You Stop Feeding Your “I’m Not Good Enough” Demons.”

Being around good people and friends can protect you from harm and negative influences.

In Kasim Khan’s article on The Spirit Science, he explains how our physical health is determined by our relationships more than the food we eat.

Always choose your friends with caution because they can hold you back from being the best person that you can be.

Dispel negativity and neutralize your environment by not trying to please everyone all the time.

In our workplace, this can be applied by not always waiting for everyone to agree on a certain decision. Aside from slowing work down, it is also impossible to make everyone happy.

In “Three Lessons on Innovation I Learned During My 12 Years at Apple,” writer Kelli Richards shares his experiences with the same scenario.

A negative home mirrors a negative life.

Draw out all the imbalances by doing these “5 Easy Ways To Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy Now.”

Use radiant and happy thoughts to scrub out all the dark energies and remove the stains created by negative people and emotions.

Negative energy causes our life to turn upside down. It is a serious phenomenon, which gives us an unsettling feeling, no matter how tough, clever or grounded we tend to be.

Performing a regular self-cleanse can protect and shield your personal energy from the profound and unhealthy impact of negativity and can also dramatically change your life.