Is it Possible to Make Gains in the Bedroom? 4 Exercises that Can Improve Your Performance

Image by: FotoFixer17
By Ken Lucas

You’ve probably put a ton of time and energy into building six pack abs, huge pecs, and the highly sought after v-taper, but have you ever considered making gains for the bedroom? One might think that general exercise improves your bedroom performance–and to a certain extent it does–but there have been a lot of speculation by sex enthusiasts (if their is such a thing) across the world if whether or not there are specific exercises that make sex feel better.

You might be able to bench press a house, curl a motorcycle, and squat your overweight grandmother, but do those exercises help you grant your girl more orgasms than she can count?

If you’re answer was yes then good for you, keep reading anyway. But if your answer was no, then perhaps you need to have a discussion with your trainer and diversify your workout  regimen enough to add some more bedroom beneficial movements to the equation. And if you can’t afford a trainer or are too lazy to go to the gym, then today’s your lucky day.

Here are 5 exercises that can increase your game in the sack.

#1) The Lunge

Anybody who’s ever done a lunge could go into vivid detail about the burning sensation that occurs in your quads and hamstrings. And seeing as both of these muscles tie into or at least around your groin area, it’s a given that this movement will go a long way with those awkward, indescribable positions you may find yourselves in in the heat of the moment. Another major bonus that will add to the amount of bedroom points you would have accumulated by actually doing the exercise is the increased flexibility you’ll notice.

Why do you think runners  wear those comically short shorts designated solely to making them lunge better? Because lunging is just a good a warm up as it is an exercise.

While it’s not a necessity for men to break out in surprise ballerina moves during sex, your new found limberness may shock her into a spontaneous orgasm. So before you start tonight’s foreplay after getting home from your 9 to 5, stand with your feet spread wide, about twice shoulder-width apart, kick one leg forward and leave the other perpendicular to the ground. Who knows, she may even get turned on by the sight…

#2) Glute Raises

Lying on the floor with your arms by your sides, knees bent, and heels on the floor quickly lifting your hips off the floor until your knees, hips, and shoulders form a straight line may look silly from an objective standpoint–especially in repetitions of 20 or more. But the fact that this movement works out your pelvic muscles for maximum grinding capabilities may  be enough of a reason to give it a shot.

#3) Bowing Push Up

It’s a known fact that most of the time in the bedroom, us guys are stuck doing all the dirty work. Perhaps this has become an evolutionary trait because of our superior upper body dynamics. Whatever the case, having a strong upper body in the sack can go a long way with squeezing out a extra few minutes in her favorite position–the one that requires exertion of unimaginable strength and effort on your part.

As BJ Gaddour, a men’s health fitness adviser and CEO of Men’s Health Stream FIT said, “You need strong arms and shoulders to hold yourself up the entire time. But a tired upper body can lead to extra strain on your lower back and an unenjoyable for the both of you.” Wouldn’t want that, would you? So how about incorporating the Bowing pushup into your routine to eliminate any joyless experiences.

What you want to do is get into a basic pushup position with your arms shoulder width apart, keeping your elbows close to your ribs. After, you want to lower your torso as though performing a pushup, but just before you get down to a few inches away from the floor, simultaneously squeeze your glutes and drop your hips to the floor. Push your arms straight and lift your head and chest toward the ceiling as well.

The final step is to pause before lifting your hips until you are in pushup position again and viola, one rep. It sounds complicated, but once you do a few reps it will get easier and you will start to feel your sexiness increasing dramatically.

#4) Hip Thrusts

Want stronger thrusts for better orgasms? Consider the hip thrust as the main exercise in your new routine. Okay, maybe not the main exercise, as benching or dead-lifting already has that throne, but definitely in the top three. Yea it would indeed look strange standing in the middle of the gym room giving pelvic thrusts to mid-air, but you never know, a young lady might associate that movement with some of the greatest experiences of her life and offer you her advances.

If you want to be the guy accepting advances from women salivating at your thrusting abilities, then grab a pen and paper because it’s time for me to explain the intricate movements of the hip-thrust.

1) Step forward with one foot so your feet end up a couple feet apart.

2) Keep your toes facing forward and those knees bent slightly.

3) Push your pelvis forward with gentle precision until you feel a stretch in your hips.

4) Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds, switch legs and repeat.

There you go! It may not have been as intricate as I masqueraded it to be, but, nevertheless, try it anyway and thank me later.

Have you made any gains that contributed to your bedroom performance? I know it’s a rather private question, but humor us anyway and tell us all about how she’s keeping the neighbors up at night.