How Utilizing Your Untapped Resources & Power to Change Can Help You Get Ahead In Life

Image by: PeterMooney
By Alvin Martin

There was a period in my life when I was just going with the flow. I had no sense of direction and no clear vision as to where I really wanted to be. Stuck in my 9-5 job for more than 5 years, I felt limited, confused and worthless.

Until one day when I got so fed up and jaded that I just decided to submit my resignation, leave the busy life of the city, and do some soul-searching on a remote island located at the northernmost part of the country.

My stay in that little paradise, away from all the noises and distractions, made me discover a lot of things about myself. I’ve learned to live in simplicity and appreciate the beauty around me. It also made me realize that I’ve got everything that I need to be genuinely happy.

Walking away from my limiting thoughts helped me achieve clarity of mind and inspired to get ahead slowly in life.

Follow your passion and do things for fun and love and not for money.

You can never go wrong in chasing down your dreams, doing the things that you love and going after the things that inspire you. Although money is a very powerful thing in this world, as it could either build you or destroy you, it is temporary and doesn’t guarantee long-lasting happiness.

One of the most miserable things that ever happened to me was getting stuck in a job that I hated just because I needed the money. Good thing I was able to move on and get myself out of that 9-5 routine.

In the piece written by Thais Gibson in Collective Evolution, he explains that when you live in alignment with what truly inspires you, you could experience better memory retention, focus and productivity.

Pursuing your passion and being motivated by inspiration instead of desperation, allow you to be more creative and think beyond traditional boundaries. It also helps remove your limiting beliefs and enables your brain to replace fear with curiosity and triggers learning process and advancement.

Focus on pushing yourself to where you want to be by taking advantage of all the available resources and opportunities around you.

In this modern time, especially, in this new age social media craze, it’s so easy to get distracted and lose sight of what is really important. Also, it is easy to get discouraged when you seem to have a lot of competition and everyone seems to be showing no signs of slowing down.

To help you get ahead of the game, check this out – “How the Future of Mobile Search is Unfolding This Year and Beyond.”

This piece talks about the impact of the “mobile revolution” to keyword research, content creation and device targeting.

As a marketer or a business owner, you should consider these various trends:

• Apps have now overtaken mobile browsers
• “Micro-moments” replace longer and more in-depth search sessions
• Complex natural language queries or a more intuitive interpretation of complicated questions are now possible
• Optimizing mobile searches using location-specific strategies
• Use of multiple devices to accomplish tasks online
• Separate content marketing strategy for tablets and smartphones

Deeply commit to your personal relationships and invest time on making it stronger and better.

In the everyday routine of life, it’s easy for us to get caught up in our busy schedules that we tend to forget the importance of making time for our partners. We overlook the fact that maintaining a good relationship is essential to live a long, healthy and a happy life.

Being in a happy relationship makes you healthier and stronger particularly in dealing with stress and other problems.

So, appreciate your partner and turn every day into a loving day by doing these 12 things that will surely make her love you more.

I like #11 the most: Don’t blame each other. Playing the blame game and berating your partner can be really destructive. Instead of putting your partner down just to prove a point, work together on finding solution and making things better.

Take good care of your physical and mental well-being. Work your a** off to achieve good health.

Good health is a must to be able to function well every day. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle allows you to live an active life, increases your well-being and reduces your risk of getting sick. In addition, having a healthy body and a healthy mind can elevate your mood and boost your mental strength.

And speaking of working out, one of the manliest and most fundamental strength exercises for the upper body is push-ups. I don’t want to bore you with its benefits so here’s an interesting fact that I thought you should all know if you want to have a stronger and a more defined body.

Guys, did you know that increasing repetitions in your push-ups would just build your endurance but it is not enough to stimulate your muscles to a serious extent?

For you to get more out of your push-ups, check this out – “How to Break Through a Push-Up Plateau.”

You are sure to attract the right things in your life when you always aim to make yourself better at who you are and at everything you do. You would also be able to accomplish more things without sacrificing your happiness.