Creating Opportunities Means Learning How to Persuade the Universe Into Designing Your Fate In Your Favor

Image by: Meditations
By James Reubin

The other day I saw a Facebook post from my former colleague, Jordan. He and his wife have been traveling around the world lately and enjoying life. I am happy for him and at the same time, I’m so amazed on how this guy turned his life around.

Back in the day he was just one of those low profile employees. I’d just see him on his corner, doing his job, minding his own business and reporting to work diligently. As his former supervisor, one thing that I admired most about Jordan was that he never complained at work. He would always carry a smile and positive aura every day, despite mandatory overtime and annoying changes in company rules.

Then one day, Jordan just resigned to try a new thing – a very demanding marketing job. For years, I saw nothing on his social media accounts except all the sales he was closing here and there, hustling on almost every corner of the city. Eventually his hard work paid off, he got promoted several times and is now a self-made millionaire.

Guys, how Jordan turned his life around is not magic, but a product of different good habits that the universe will eventually use to turn fate in your favor.

Here are ways to invite good fortune and create more opportunities into your life.

Don’t Resist Change

Many people hate change because it pushes them out of their comfort zone and it feels monstrous. But guess what – Not allowing new things to happen in your life won’t work because it is in your very nature as a human being to grow. You are designed to evolve. So, instead of resisting change, be willing to look at life from a different perspective, adapt to the alterations and allow it to strengthen your character.

In dealing with a bad breakup, for instance, hanging out with your friends, drinking until you drop, and buying expensive crap could take your mind off things, but it only works temporarily. It doesn’t really eradicate the pain. It’s still there, but you’re just ignoring it or trying too hard to deny its presence.

And the fact of the matter is that no matter what you do or how hard you try to avoid it, there will be times when your mind will be stuck on that painful memory, haunting you and pulling you apart.

According to writer Maggie Munley, if you want a pleasant and realistic turnaround, the only way to get over it is to embrace the pain. Allowing yourself to be consumed with overwhelming sadness may be difficult, but it’s healthy for you because it will lead to acceptance. And with acceptance comes the power to start over and open yourself to a whole new adventure all over again.

The more pain you let inside your heart the faster the healing, the more peace you’ll find, and the stronger you become. So, feel every emotion you can feel – the anger, the sadness, the rejection – and trust your heart because it is capable of repairing itself and of being whole again.

Create Your Own Luck

Have you ever wondered how the universe picks those few lucky people whose fate always seems to work in their favor? Actually, most of them are not really lucky, it’s just that they found a way to crack the code and harness fate. They have learned to put themselves in the right situations, take advantage of the right opportunities and accomplish their goals through a lot of hard work.

To make your own luck, writer Deep Patel suggests doing the following:

• Broadening your social circle and helping others
• Exploring new insights and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone
• Being more aware of your circumstances and your surroundings
• Choosing to adapt a positive attitude even when setbacks happen
• Avoiding getting fixated on things that are beyond your control

Don’t Let Your Problems Defeat You

Treat problems and challenges as turning points to prepare great things for you in your future. Surviving it makes your life more meaningful. So, don’t let your struggles break you down and don’t let them define who you are. Instead, realize that it is the beginning of something good, allow it to change you positively and use it as a foundation to create your destiny.

And to help yourself cope under pressure and kill stress before it kills you, check this out – “8 Simple Hacks Stress Experts Use to Calm Down When They’re Frazzled.”

Eliminate Undesirable Energies

In life, you will experience different kinds of situations that leave you feeling drained, overwhelmed and depleted. When you are surrounded by negative energy, your mind becomes cloudy, making you feel tired, depressed and unhappy. In effect, you can’t think clearly and you feel that the world is out to get you. It blinds you from seeing the positive side of things and good opportunities along the way.

To eliminate undesirable and unwanted energies, writer Naomi Cameron recommends making it a habit to purify your body to invite good vibes and heighten your sense of clarity and self-awareness.

One of the practical rituals that works really well for me is cleansing myself with water. Hydrating your body with at least 1.5 liters of water a day helps you flush out toxins that your body doesn’t need, support your organ function, and clean any energetic debris you have collected from your environment.