2017 Is Almost Here Guys, Stop Wasting Time On These Things to Have a Happier & More Prosperous New Year

Image by: fancycrave1
By Ronnie Toofan

Do you know someone who has great skills and talents and who could do so much with their life if only if he wasn’t procrastinating his way through it?

My friend Jasper has a lot of potential to become a good businessman. He’s a really good talker, he’s educated and he has parents who support him all the time. However, he is extremely lazy when it comes to make something of himself. It’s as if he’s certain that he can live the rest of his life with a monthly allowance from his well to do parents and never have to actually do anything with himself.

It’s sad that some people just take their blessings for granted. They are not aware that other people are praying hard for what they have and they’re just there, wasting every opportunity. I hope that someday Jasper will learn to appreciate what he has and learn to value his own talents.

To help you understand the importance of time and leave more room in your life for the stuff that really matters, here are some things that you need to stop wasting time on.

Stop Looking For Love

For some people, love is a goal that’s why they feel the need to find someone to be with and feel incomplete when they stay single for too long. As a result, they become desperate when looking for someone who catches their interest, who understands them and who could complete them. They date as many people as possible and evaluate everyone as a potential life partner even when they just met the person or go out on their first date.

The problem when you’re in pursuit of love is that it makes you waste your time searching here and there for that special someone when you should be focusing on your own growth and on making yourself a better person and a better potential life partner. To simply put it, you should be working on yourself on becoming “the one.”

In the piece “Your Whole Life Will Improve When You Stop Worrying About Finding the One,” writer Zara Barrie explains that in order for you to enjoy your life from moment to moment and to roam free, you should get your mind off missing the opportunity of meeting the one.

Guys, once you stop looking for love, you will be able to concentrate on improving yourself. You will avoid feeling trapped and you will be able to take awesome risks in your life. So, just focus on being independent and let love find you instead.

Break Free From the Habit of Instant Gratification

It is indeed true that you only live once and that life is meant to be enjoyed, however, it is not meant to be wasted either. When you live with no limits and no restraints, you will end up falling victim to the instant gratification trap which leads to a life of debts, mindlessness, bad health and other self-inflicted problems.

To avoid the temptations of immediate gratification, writer Ana Erkic suggests applying this hard rule solution in overcoming procrastination.

This approach works by finishing your projects or whatever it is that you need to complete two minutes at a time, in order to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. It also keeps your momentum going for longer hours of productivity and increases the motivation needed for further action.

Avoid an Unhealthy Lifestyle

What you’re doing now to your body – all the unhealthy habits and the abuses – will bring you down later in life. Skipping your breakfast, eating too much, excessive smoking and drinking, not exercising and lack of sleep can damage your mind and body increasing your risk of getting chronic and cardiovascular diseases and other serious health problems. So, respect your body by living an active lifestyle, being more conscious with your diet, getting enough rest and quitting vices that make you sick.

And to help you take your first step today to healthy living, check this out – “8 Nutrition-Packed Foods You Should Eat Every Day.”

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

I have a friend who couldn’t let go of some bad decisions he made in the past. He chooses to suffer instead of deciding to move on. As a result, his life has become more and more miserable each day. He is keeping anger and resentment in his heart, making it difficult for him to find the peace and happiness that he needs.

Guys, just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing. You always have a choice to walk away from all the nonsense around you, to give yourself to the present moment and to not let yourself be controlled by your regrets. So, instead of feeling bad for all the things that you don’t have, comparing yourself to everyone else and worrying about all the mistakes that you’ve made, appreciate what you have, be grateful for the problems that you don’t have and choose to focus on the present.

You can’t do anything about the past because it’s already gone for good. Dwelling on it doesn’t make sense. Life is to be enjoyed, so be excited about your experiences, try to change how you react to your situation and remember that nobody gets their way all the time. Shit happens, so stop blaming yourself in every way, shape and form because it will only make you feel worse.