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By Fabian Tan

Are you eager to learn how to get website visitors streaming in to your business? Well, targeted traffic generation is one of the cornerstones of Internet marketing. Master it and you will never run out of paying customers! If you are just starting out, the key is to master one traffic generation strategy first, get it working, before moving on to another strategy.

OK, here are 3 traffic strategies you can use to flood your website with visitors (and best of all, they don’t cost one red dime to get started with!):

1. Article Marketing

This is one of the simplest, foolproof ways to start getting free traffic. There are a few ways to do article marketing. The easiest way to start is by posting articles to article directories. This will give your website excellent exposure. You can also post guest articles on blogs and online newsletters. Or you could even submit your articles to magazines (both online and offline) that are related to your niche. All these are great ways to get your articles out into the world!

2. Forum Marketing

This is another oldie, but goodie. Forums these days are still extremely popular. In fact, even more so. They are one of the places on the web where people can engage in intelligent discussions (most of the time, anyway!) and learn from each other since social networking sites are mostly about pure socializing. Think about it, people are going on niche specific forums to learn about a topic. You can go to forums in your niche and start contributing with informative posts. In your signature file, you can include a little, subtle plug for your website. With forum marketing, once you build up a reputation in the forum, you can gain a lot of traffic just by making posts a few minutes every day.

3. Video Marketing

The rise of video on the Internet has been well documented by many technology articles. Video marketing is a little different from forum marketing and article marketing in the sense that most people go to video sharing sites to search for entertainment videos. Yes, you can still provide tutorial videos and get traffic. But the most successful videos are those that are funny or shocking, but in good way. Create a funny or shocking video that is relevant to your niche and post it up on YouTube and other video sharing sites. In your description and in your video itself, you can include a link back to your website.

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