Here’s Why Avoiding Shortcuts In Life Will Actually Lead to More Happiness & Success

Image by: Unsplash
By Ronnie Toofan

My best buddies and I have a tradition every month where we take turns in hosting a little get-together. There’s food, drinking, and sometimes a little poker.

One night we just ended up talking about the craziest moments we ever had. Jay, the only bachelor in the group, shared his most unforgettable story. He received a call from his girlfriend inviting him to her house. She told him that her parents wouldn’t be around all day and that he should come over.

Thinking that they would have some privacy, he immediately traveled to his girlfriend’s place.

While they were enjoying their afternoon delight, they heard a car pull up in front and to their surprise, it was her parents! Classic!

Nervous that her parents would catch him sneaking around, he grabbed his clothes and jumped out of the window, which was around 15 feet high.

He was in absolute pain after landing on the ground. He realized that he broke his foot and that he really needed help.

In desperation, he tried to walk towards the front door and call for his girlfriend’s help. Her mom was the first person who came and he told her that some guys beat him up and just dropped him in front of their house.

Such a lame story, right? Good thing his girlfriend’s parents bought the story, perhaps in panic upon seeing his condition. They immediately took him to the hospital and Jay promised himself that he would never jump out of another window – at least not that high- ever again!

Jay’s story really made me think about our tendency to take shortcuts in life.

Most of us are addicted to hacking our lives, always finding an easy way in and an easy way out.

We want success to happen overnight, without shedding blood, sweat and tears. And when things get inconvenient, we think of easy alternatives, bypass some rules or even worse, just give up.

Happiness isn’t always around the corner.

You can’t have everything instantly! For example, let’s take people with credit issues. Once they realize their mistakes, they want to fix it as soon as they can. But what they fail to think about is that you can’t just rush in and put things back in order without having a strategy or a well-thought out plan.

Cathy Habas, writer of “6 Dumb Mistakes People Make Trying to Fix Their Credit,” imparts some great pointers when you’re trying to re-establish a good credit standing. She says:

“It takes time, consistency and patience to repair credit.”

To avoid common mistakes, you have to make a smart plan, stick to it and ask for professional help if necessary.

Same thing goes with our relationships.

Love is a process that requires continuous action to be real.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I came across this open letter written by Psychologist Gerald Rogers to his Facebook friends and followers after going through a tough divorce.

“Marriage Advice I Wish I Would Have Had – After Losing the Woman That I love” has 20 pieces of good advice on how to always choose love over everything else. In the end, he emphasized that happiness will only come through work and willingness to continually grow together.

So you can’t rush success, love, or good health either.

Dude, no one has invented a pill that can change your body overnight. And I think no one ever will. So, whether we like it or not, we have to put forth the effort to take care of our bodies.

AJ Agrawal’s blog in Huffington Post presents us with 5 ways on how fitness can become part of our daily routine even while we are just commuting, having lunch in the park or working at our office desk.

There are easy ways to make fitness happen anytime, anywhere, but without commitment and willpower to fight all the excuses we have in our heads, then it’s just impossible.

Moreover, the idea of rushing things also applies in our sex life.

Most of us tend to rush to the climax and speed up foreplay.

Dude, it’s all about building up the romance and heat in the bedroom towards the point of achieving the greatest satisfaction – that’s why it’s called climax in the first place. So, to help you become a master lover, you should check this out, “Where to Touch a Woman to Instantly Turn Her On.”

These techniques are guaranteed to build her arousal and give her the hottest orgasm of her life.

Shortcuts don’t always work. Most of the time, its effects are temporary if they don’t fall short entirely. It is crucial that you know which “routes” to avoid and until you realize that the best and worthwhile things take guts, determination and perseverance, you will always end up on a dead end.