Here’s How to Pull Yourself Together No Matter What Life Throws At You

Image by: JanTemmel
By Alvin Martin

After I graduated from college and landed on my first job, I got my GF pregnant. Boom! All my plans and dreams fell apart right in front of my face. Obviously, I wasn’t ready to bring a child into this world. I wasn’t ready to be a father.

There were so many things that were going on in my head that time. What was I supposed to do? What would my parents say? How would I support my kid when I could even barely support myself? What would happen to my future?

Man, I was in total breakdown and I didn’t have any idea if I would ever get pass through it.

All I knew was that my life was about to drastically change and that I had seven months to prepare before the coming of my first born.

While I was counting down the days until embark into fatherhood, I’ve learned a lot of things about myself. I’ve discovered that I was capable of being responsible in ways I never thought I could and of caring for someone so much that I would be more than willing to give my all to make sure he could live the best life possible.

Guys, if you’re going through an emotional meltdown right now, here are some important things that you should know to get your sh*t together and gain back control of your life.

Empower yourself with the ability to manifest your goals into reality.

We all have our own coping mechanisms or strategies to get our needs met when we feel threatened. Thing is as we grow old, our values and perspectives shift. As a result, many of our coping programs become outdated and inapplicable.  For example, as a kid, throwing tantrums may be effective to get what you want but it would be awkward and funny to do that now that you’re old.

In the piece “6 Ways to Easily Stop Your Negative Habits,” writer Thais Gibson provides some creative ways to become self-aware and to out-will your subconscious mind.

After understanding yourself, you’re now ready to move forward and take the next step:

Pick yourself back up and be ready to put your best self forward.

Stop feeling sorry about yourself and your situation. There are a lot of people in this world who have the same problem as you do and some are even worse. So, get back on your feet, start thinking of possible action steps and prepare yourself to rock it.

For instance, if you’re into online dating and you always end up in disappointment and low quality dates, then most likely you’re not really bringing out your best self .

To blast away your competition and get more dates that you can handle, check this out – “7 Reasons You’re Still Failing At Dating Apps Despite Putting Time Into Them.”

Paying attention to little details can result to great things. In choosing a profile photo, writer James Preece strongly suggests not to use a selfie shot that you’ve taken with your camera phone in front of the mirror because nothing screams “loser with no friends more than that.”

Stop running from crisis to crisis. Instead, plan your future and start throwing some money in savings.

I think everyone would agree with me when I say that money is one of the leading causes of stress in all aspects of human life. When you don’t have it, you’ll be drowning in debt and you’ll suffer in huge emotional consequences.

So, it just makes sense to think of your financial security and have a safety net in case of emergencies. However, it would be really difficult to save money when you’re not making enough of it.

So, to help you make more money and get started as soon as possible, I decided to share with you some few tips on how you can make millions out of your Instagram account.

Turning your IG into a gold mine is not as easy as you think. You have to put real time and effort into it, get your creative juices flowing, be as engaging as possible and have an interesting perspective.

No one stays young forever so always treat your body with care.

Man, you won’t be able to live the best life if you’re unhealthy. Remember that you’re not indestructible. If you don’t stop abusing your body and if you don’t start taking your health seriously, sooner or later, it will fail, you will get sick and you will suffer.

So, kick those bad habits and protect yourself from the #1 killer of men before you become another statistic.

Shining on the spotlight is none other than heart disease! According to data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 out of every 4 male deaths can be attributed to the heart, that’s 325,000 deaths each year.

So, please keep yourself safe by taking routine blood tests at least once a year, slowing down on your vices and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Facing one bad thing after another can be really terrifying. But no matter how hard things get, never give up and never stop trying to make the best out of your life.