Here’s a Simple Fix to Remove the Expiration Date On Your Happiness

Image by: stokpic
By Ronnie Toofan

What can make you happy? This is the million dollar question. When we were young, probably new toys and a bag of candy would be enough to keep us satisfied and contented. Life was really so much simpler when we we’re kids.

As we grow old, happiness becomes harder and harder to attain and there are a lot of reasons why.

Most of our common mistakes are measuring our happiness based on the things that we don’t have, always wanting something more than what we already have and being always in a hurry. We prefer taking shortcuts over working hard and giving more meaning to our efforts. In effect, happiness becomes short-term or temporary.

However, it doesn’t have to remain like that. There are simple, practical and accomplished ways to remove our happiness’ expiration date.

I personally believe that happiness doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice – when we choose to accept that life is imperfect, when we choose to appreciate more rather than wanting more and when we choose to find solutions instead of getting stuck in the problem.

“Life seems so much simpler when you’re fixing things.”

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then you would know with whom this line belongs to. This statement by Anakin Skywalker contains so much truth.

In “What If Only I Am Ready/Willing to Work On Our Relationship” I first encountered the word “Irrelationship” or a dysfunctional relationship to one’s partner or one’s self.

“Irrelationship” happens when intimacy and reciprocity are missing, and only one person is making things work or doing all the adjustments necessary to prevent the relationship from being completely broken.

When you choose to stay in this type of pseudo-relationships, you are also having an “irrelationship” with yourself. You’re scared to admit your own vulnerability. You become unfair to yourself and you prefer to be unsatisfied just to avoid being alone, rejected or abandoned.

If you’re stuck in this kind of situation then obviously, you’re just making a fool out of yourself and that’s why you’re unhappy, because you’re allowing it to happen. You choose to stay safe and quiet rather than facing the problem and fixing things once and for all.

Don’t let your fears stop you from pursuing your dreams.

It has always been my dream to discover wonderful places, experience different cultures and broaden my knowledge about the world. Travel is priceless and it is definitely a dream worth pursuing.

To help you pack your bags and book that flight at the soonest time possible, check this out – “6 Tips for Traveling the World – Even When You’re Totally Broke.”

Writer Courtney Sunday provides the best tricks to satisfy your wanderlust even when your finances don’t seem to cooperate, from making your credit card work for you, tracking the best deals available and to cutting corners where you can.

Guys, happiness is a risky business.

Take good risks by listening to that inner voice in your head, telling you what you want to do and what you want to be. And I know, it’s not that easy because it means facing your fear of failure and rejection, but it comes with benefits that can only make you stronger.

Avoiding risks keeps you stuck while taking good risks can either make you achieve what you desire or it can make you wiser. It’s a win-win situation.

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to open yourself to new opportunities and possibilities.

Go and start that business that you’ve always wanted, ask for that salary increase that you deserve, take that vacation that you’ve always dreamed of and live a life of passion and adventures.

Cherish your relationships and every moment you can with those you love.

In this modern world, it is easy to get distracted by all the technologies around us, making it also easy for us to ignore and neglect the people and things that are truly important in our lives.

I strongly suggest taking a regular short time off from all these modern distractions. Plan a technology or digital detox an hour a day or at least on weekends to increase the quality of every moment you spend with those you love.

Aside from being able to focus more on your relationships, you can also avoid serious health issues like damaging your spine.

Did you know that by just looking down at your cellphone and typing a message, you are actually putting 60 pounds of pressure on your neck and shoulder? Man, it’s like having an 8-year old child sitting on your head while you are standing.

So, take a break from your gadgets once in a while so you can appreciate and linger more on life’s positive moments.

People often underestimate the power of the things that they already have; the power of their experiences and the power of their relationships. They tend to forget that they are actually surrounded by opportunities, chances and choices.

You don’t have to look very far or chase that elusive butterfly or be lucky. The fix is simple – you just have to choose to be happy.