He Barely Survived Birth & Is Now Considered By Many As One Of the Greatest Piano Players In All Of History

By Jack Day

The mind is a beautiful and mysterious organized mess of wonder. While neuroscientists are currently studying the brain to further understand how it works, the rest of us can just sit back and enjoy the music of life thanks to the fact we don’t know how it works. And even though he may not be like the rest of us, Derek Paravicini is someone who does just that.

When he was born three months premature it was feared that Derek would not make it do to severe brain trauma. After pulling off a miracle and continuing to live another day, he managed to make it through the traumatic birth and began to grow up. Derek was not without sacrifice though for his survival, as he was blind and suffered from autism.

Derek’s parents feared that the disabilities would hinder their new son’s life, but the day they brought him to school and he heard his first piano being played changed that outlook forever. Determined to learn the skills of a pianist, young Derek went to work and quickly became a master at tickling the ivories.

Most of what pushed Derek in his journey came from his strong will and sheer determination, but it also has a little to do with the way his brain functions. Even though he suffers from autism, his mind seems to work like a computer where every musical note, song, or tune can be pulled up and manipulated instantly.

Derek doesn’t just remember every single song he hears the very first time he hears it, he can also change the style of it to reflect a different genre or musician. It’s pretty awesome.

Watch the video to see the incredible inspiring story of the little boy who fought his way into this world to become what many feel like one of the greatest piano players in the history of the world.

What did you think of Derek’s story? I know I have seen others like his, but his abilities really do have no limit. Did you discover a talent that you had a passion for by accident? Please tell us your stories and share this awesome one with your friends and family!