They Call This Doctor a Hero Because He Is Doing Something Unheard Of For His Patients

By Jack Day

To help someone in need is the essence of human kindness. To help 100,000 people in need without any expectation for anything in return is heroic. That’s about the number of patients who have received free medical care through the nonprofit OnePatient Global Health Initiative established by Dr. Daniel Ivankovich in 2010. The good doctor was getting tired of seeing people who needed help have to wait forever. or worse, not be able to get it at all because they couldn’t afford it.

In some of Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods where Dr. Ivankovich mainly works out of, that is the day to day reality for those who live there.

“There’s a whole other layer of patients in these undeserved communities. They’re under insured, and they’re uninsured. But they need care…I just saw people put on wait lists for months, even years and as a result their injuries get worse. I just said enough is enough!”

Watch the video to hear more from Dr. Ivankovich and how he has established three clinics in Chicago to serve him on his mission to care for the people with no where else to go.

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