Get Ready to Go Behind the Mask In This Awesome Story Of Cubbie the School Mascot

By Jack Day

When Caleb Popejoy was a little boy he was diagnosed with autism do to his aversion to large crowds of people and inability to handle social situations. His parents feared that once Caleb got to high school he would have serious issues adjusting. Luckily, life had different plans.

On a trip to the high school one day before classes started, Caleb saw the school mascot costume sitting out and was immediately intrigued. The initial interest quickly turned into something more and so it was decreed that from that day forward Caleb would don the prized Cubbie head as school events.

Watch the video to see how the job has helped Caleb to overcome some of his anxiety and started to transform his personality into one that actually welcomes the attention.

What do you think about Caleb’s story? It made total sense to me that by putting on a mask he was able to be around people and that is what sort of broke the ice of his fears. Have you ever overcome social anxieties or other kinds of fears? Please tell us your stories and share this one with your family and friends!