Confused About College? These Two Guys Just Made An App For That!

By Jack Day

“As a business leader it’s really important that you’re able to clearly communicate what you’re trying to go get done and inspire people. The best way to disrupt something is to understand it thoroughly.”

Words of wisdom from Charles Thornburgh, founder and CEO of Civitas Learning. Together with friend Mark Miliron the two men have created a system for colleges to better help their students map out a path for their education they hope will inspire those people they’re talking about.

The Degree Map app contains many features that allow students to not only figure out what classes to take for what major, but it also shows them the financial costs along the way. This comes in handy when half way through a college career a student decides to switch majors. The app allows them to better understand their decisions and forecast their educational future.

Watch the video to get the details on how Civitas hopes to make the college experience easier for millions of students.

What do you think about this awesome app? It kind of makes me wish I was back in college! Well, I wish that for many, many reasons. Do you think an app like this would have really helped you in college? Please tell us your stories and comments and share this one with your friends!