After Fighting to Prove His Innocence, This Man Now Clerks For the Same Court Who Overturned His Conviction

By Jack Day

The justice system is not without it’s flaws and the ones that exist are often catastrophic. When Jarrett Adams was 17-years-old he found that out first hand. After being wrongly convicted of sexual assault and having no defense presented by his court appointed attorney, Adams got a 28 year prison sentence. Things looked pretty bleak for the young man as he was now going to spend most of his life behind bars.

That was until a life changing conversation he had a with a cellmate. “Stop playing basketball and fight your freedom and justice instead.” That’s exactly what Adams did next.

Watch the incredible story of how after 9 years in prison, Jarrett Adams won his freedom, enrolled in law school, and became a clerk for one of the most prestigious courts in the country. It’s truly an inspiring story of how never to give up and fight for justice when the system is broken.

What do you think about Jarrett’s story? It’s pretty amazing how he was able to take on a system that is cold and heartless and win. Have you ever been wrongfully convicted of something and had to prove your innocence in the face of doubt? Please tell us your stories and share this amazing one with your friends and family!