Generate Ad Revenue When You Share Content Through Social Media

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By Gordon J. Pruitt

You are an active blogger. You diligently share your content through all of the usual suspects in the social media scene. It is a lot of work, but the results are there. So why not make some money while you are at it?

Is there such an animal out there? Is there a way to really make money by sharing your content with the rest of the world. Yes, there is. And it is free.

It is called, and – despite there being an annoying period in the middle of its name – it is quite an awesome little app. works with WordPress, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg, Orkut, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious and Reddit.

OK, you’re interested. How does it work? shows a small, tasteful banner ad (300 x 250) to those who share your content after the transaction has taken place. And guess what? You will still get all of that traffic to your social media spot of choice, so don’t worry about your precious numbers and likes.

Some have had difficulties turning on the cash machine inside as it is not automatically set to rain down coins upon you. And the “on switch” can be tough to find. If you are having trouble, dip into the online support for assistance.

Don’t expect to make bunches of money, as it will take thousands of shares to generate as much as $5 in revenue. But at the end of the year, you can expect to have earned hundreds of dollars that were previously not on the menu.

Yet Another Reason To

While will help you bring in more revenue, it can also help you eagle-eye your social media world, keeping track of all of those clicks, pops, bangs, buzzes and likes your content is generating. Making a one-stop portal for shipping, receiving and data analysis.