Only Hire The Top Dogs With These Incentives

Image by: Victor1558
By Tony Melino

There are numerous ways to attract the top dogs in your industry for your company. The most important ways are to offer exciting incentives that will attract the top players to your company. There’s always a checklist people have when it comes to accepting a position at a certain company.

Let’s take a deeper look at what the top dogs are looking for when applying for a company.


The first thing that you’re going to have to do is to hire a decent starting salary with room to grow within your company. This is always negotiable if you have a decent package of other incentives; but a lot of top performers in their industry will only take a small price cut from their last position.

Another thing to do when it comes to a starting salary is to offer a lower salary during the probation period or until they can prove they are worth the pay raise.

The next thing you can do is to offer compensation on top of salary requirements. This can include performance bonuses, weekly/monthly bonuses, and even small daily/weekly prizes. Some people will ask for a higher fixed salary and skip the bonuses.

Benefits Package

When it comes to lowering your salary requirements; if the benefits package compensates for the pay cut, top performers will more than likely jump on board of your company. This can include (but is not limited to) dental, medical, 401k, and possibly even employee stock options.

With the economy not in the best position; employees are very interested in their future. They are always looking for their family and want to take care of them by the time they want to retire. So the 401k package has to be amazing for top dogs to take a salary cut.

Room For Growth

The last way to attract the top dogs or the top sales professionals to your company is to offer room to grow into management positions and beyond. People thrive on variety and 7 times out of 10… people aren’t going to want to stay in the same position for over 35 years.

People leave companies and search for other companies because they are looking for growth opportunities. As long as there is room to grow, make a higher salary, and have more responsibility in the future; they’ll stick around.