Feed Your Soul a Balanced Diet Of Purpose to Have More Success In Your Career & Love

Image by: Sean Davis
By Jack Day

Whether you work in a warehouse or own one, or you work in the White House or run it, there is purpose in everything you do. I look for ways to help you stay motivated and learn to cultivate the skills that create that meaning. So, we both win!

Now speaking of purpose and meaning, even if you can truly look within yourself and know you are completely satisfied with where you’re at in life, it’s not a search that should ever end. If you’re unhappy with work, change it. If you feel pressed for time, learn to control it. And when the body and soul need some lovin’, take care of them!

  • First you should check out some simple yet effective stretching strategies for desk bod
  • If you absolutely loath going to your job, then you should seriously think about working from home, seriously
  • See what you need to do in order for time to stop being your worst enemy
  • It just might help if you take a minute and read about some things your soul has been trying to tell you
  • And just in time for V-Day, here is some great insight into why women don’t respond to your online dating messages
Get Ready to Feel the Burn!

OK, so maybe you are feeling a different kind of “bern” after the news the other day from the New Hampshire Primary.

I’m talking about the burn you’ll feel with these simple stretching techniques that will keep you from developing the reviled “desk bod.”

Getting gains all day is what intense fitness director B.J. Gaddour is all about. In 2 minutes flat he shows you two easy lunge positions and a seated squat that you can do at work if you sit most of the day.

Ah forget just doing them while ONLY at work, go watch the video and come back to finish this letter!

I’ll wait man!

(Music plays in the background)

OK! Well, if you checked it out or not I urge you to keep reading anyways, maybe with the music going in another tab.

When the Love Is Gone

You guys know what I’m talking about.

After so many hours spent traveling to and from a job you no longer want to do, it can really start to affect more than just your mood. Being miserable at work inevitably bleeds into all aspects of your life and it can consume you.

That’s when it’s time for you to really look into working from home. Aside from the amazing ability you will have to roll out of bed and be ready for work, it will restore a sense of independence to your life.

A 2015 statistics report from GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com stated that, “regular work-at-home employees have grown by 103% in a decade’s time with nearly 4 million,” people performing jobs from their home.

That’s pretty good news if you ask me. Just remember that as you search for opportunities look for ones that have purpose, that inspire you, that you might have never considered, and that MAKE YOU HAPPY.

I am definitely NOT talking about taking worthless survey’s for four cents a day. So avoid the garbage and ANYTHING that sounds too good to be true, because it always is my fiend.

Time Is On Your Side, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It Is

Basically what I mean by that is you are the keeper of time and how you spend it. If it feels like you never have enough and the things you really want to be doing or getting done are far and few between, then the issue is one of improving efficiency.

Writer Jory Mackay breaks it all down in his very well written and insightful piece You Don’t Need More Time, You Just Need to Spend It Doing What Matters.

One of the most important things you will learn is that we all tend to fill the time we have with our work simply because it is there for us to do so. It’s called Parkinson’s Law and goes like this, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

There is also a limit to the amount of quality work that you have in you in a 8-10 hour period. So working longer is never a good solution, but stopping to recharge is.

Another piece that might help in that recharging process is 11 Things Your Soul Wants You To Realize. Like valuing people more than things, championing your own perceptions, and not trying to always fit in and please everyone with a false version of yourself.

That last one is EXACTLY the kind of advice you will find in writer Dalton Young’s piece Guys, Here’s The Reason No One Is Responding To Your Messages On Tinder.

Get a glimpse of what the typical woman experiences when signing up on a dating site and realize the sheer numbers that are against you.

Did you know the average women will get over 100 messages a day! Now imagine if she didn’t check it for three days. That’s probably why she didn’t respond to your generic , “What’s Up?”

It’s all good though, because Young breaks down what you need to know to stand out and have a better shot at being noticed in the sea of competition.

Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged. The effort you put into getting the things you really want from life, WILL make them happen for you.