Discover a New Level Of Smartness By Learning How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Image by: Hartwig HKD
By Jack Day

Do you know a person in your life that always seems to have the right answer no matter what the problem is? It’s like they got a degree in Wisdom with a minor in Advice Giving.  How do they know so much?

Well, maybe it’s not really about “how much” they know, but “what” they know that matters. The most successful of those people understand something called emotional intelligence and they use it in business, marketing, love, and self-improvement all the time fellas.

  • Find out what emotional intelligence is exactly and how you can develop yours
  • Then test out one of the most important skills you can learn in business and life
  • Get some free guidance with three tools that will help you understand your audience better
  • Think you’re ready for a real relationship? Here’s what you need to master if you want it to last
  • And so you won’t forget everything you are about to read, check out some ideas from a doctor on how to improve your memory skills

When we talk about wisdom, what are we referring to? Some secret knowledge that only a few chosen ones are allowed to possess? Of course not! What is this, The Giver?

Wisdom is something you gain through experience, OBSERVATION, and conscientious planning and execution. You can also call it your emotional intelligence as it relates to your ability of recognizing, understanding, and controlling your emotions as well as others.

I’m not talking about MK Ultra mind control stuff here (that’s for another letter), this is about you becoming way more self-aware than just what color tie you choose in the morning.

It’s about deconstructing the different emotions that drive your motivations and learning to manage them. Like when a problem arises, instead of letting anger or worry take control, view it as a learning opportunity. By replacing negative emotions with positive ones, you can start to take a new approach to handling life’s issues.

You can then harness that energy and apply it towards real solutions.

  • Be more empathetic and less of a perfectionist
  • Find a balance between work and play
  • Embrace change and don’t be easily distracted
  • Set boundaries, focus on the positive, and don’t dwell in the past

Another good way to boost your emotional intelligence is through the simple act of listening better. It helps to be empathetic when practicing this skill because in order to be good at it, you have to really FEEL where the other person is coming from.

If all you do all day long is jaw the other guy’s ear off, chances are he’s going to feel like you don’t care about him one iota. AND you’re not going to know a single thing about him that could drastically change the outcome of your relationship.

I know you have a lot to say and that’s good! But wouldn’t you rather have people calling you all day to discuss your business instead of the opposite?

I thought so, that’s why when you do start to listen you have to do more than just be quiet.

First of all, pay attention. Don’t be distracted by outside activity or the ending to the movie you watched last night as it inconveniently pops into your head right as the guy is about to tell you his life story.

Ask questions and don’t interrupt. As you listen you will be able to pick up on information that might be helpful to know more about. So don’t be afraid to inquire about it as long as it pertains to business at hand.

If you want the digital snapshot equivalent of good old fashioned listening, then it’s nice to get help from some of your best social media friends. Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter all have ways for you to understand who your audience is and help you target the right people.

The best part? It’s all free to use!

Now it’s time to put that emotional intelligence to use when it comes to finding the right woman.

Just as you are aware of needing to get a handle on your emotions in business, the same applies with love my friend. You can’t just expect to get rich without going through ups and downs and a relationship is no different.

It can be everything you want it to be though, if you learn the 6 Things A Guy Should Master Before Trying To Find A Girlfriend as told by writer Christian Martin.

That self-awareness thing comes back into play, but so does your willingness to learn from your mistakes, making yourself available, and changing the way you view the quest itself.

Now just so you don’t forget all of this helpful information, take a look at 6 Natural Ways To Improve Your Memory Skills by Dr. Eva Selhub.

You’ll learn about the factors that effect your memory and some very easy ways to get rid of the negative stress that harms it. You might even be pleased to find out that you already engage in a number of them already.

That’s wisdom for you.