Eat Your Way To A Healthier Head Of Hair

Image by: Alex Budin
By Kurt Garrity

While those guys and gals in white coats haven’t yet come close to actually finding a “cure” for baldness (in men, specifically), science has given us some clues as to the causes of hair loss, as well as a few ways to help keep what hair you do have looking fuller and livelier.

There are options, gentlemen, so please exercise them.

One area of our behavior which has a direct correlation to the health of our hair is what we eat. We are what we eat and our hair is no exception, says the experts. But don’t expect results right away – it can take a month or two for your hair to start the signs of your efforts.

Here are three foods to eat that will give you a healthier, better-looking head of hair:

1 – Walnut Oil

Substitute this nutrient-rich slippery stuff for your normal salad oil for boosts in vitamin E, copper and biotin. Biotin is known as the hair growth vitamin, so who can argue with a nickname like that?

Wait, did you say copper? Yes I did. Copper helps give your hair color an “Abe Lincoln Kick.” And we all know Lincoln was a bad ass.

2 – Wild Salmon

Remember that salmon craze of the ’90s? Maybe we were onto something. But we we’re wild enough, apparently. Wild salmon – not test tube farm-raised – is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which helps to promote a healthy scalp. Otherwise, a bad scalp scene can leave your hair looking flat.

3 – Bananas

You would be bananas to not eat one of these each day. Bananas are amazing already – potassium, hello – but what they do for human hair is truly remarkable, say researchers. Bananas contain silica which, studies have shown, increases the thickness of your hair.

Go ape, gentlemen. Go ape.