Stop Leaving Matters Of Importance to Chance, Here’s How to Trust Yourself More In Making the Right Decision

Image by: Unsplash
By James Reubin

When my girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me, I had a difficult time letting go. She told me that she fell in love with another man and that she wanted to build her future with him. Call me a hopeless romantic but at the time, I knew in my heart that we were meant to be together forever. So, I still tried really hard to convince her to come back to me and make things work.

She gave me another chance though. However, it was painful to see her every day with a forced smile on her face. She was with me physically, but I felt that her mind was so far away. Our relationship went on like that for a couple of months until one day I realized that I was being unfair to her. I knew that she just stayed with me because she didn’t want to see me broken into pieces. So, I decided to give her back her freedom and let her find her happiness somewhere else.

But life really has a way of letting you understand why some things never work out. About a year after I got over my ex, I met Farrah. We started out as friends. Our relationship flourished through time. I married her and she became the mother of my kids.

Having my family around me, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Letting go of my ex was one the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Making big and life-changing decisions can be very terrifying especially when you’ve already lost a lot of things and when you’ve been hurt many times in the past. However, making choices is inevitable. It is necessary for you to move forward and to take charge of your life. Also, it would be wrong to leave important matters to chance.

Here are some things that you should do in order to avoid making the wrong choices in your life.

Avoid Over-Thinking

Structure your thinking by having a wider perspective and by accepting that you cannot control everything. Over-analyzing a problem or over-complicating things can result in fear, which stops you from making progress and from going after your dreams.

When you allow yourself to get lost in repetitive thoughts, it makes you too naïve to see the answers that are right in front of you.

In business, for instance, if you want to increase your sales, sometimes, you don’t have look very far. According to writer Marc Wayshak, the key to generating new leads and winning more sales is with your existing clients.

When you overthink as an entrepreneur, you can get caught up in looking for new customers that you tend to ignore your greatest asset. So, reconnect with your old clients and make them feel valued by telling them about your new product or service.

Learn From Your Failures

Your heartaches and pain help enhance your perspective and teach you some of life’s most important lessons. It wouldn’t hurt to look back and put the things that you’ve learned into good use.

In the piece “6 Invaluable Lessons Learned From Divorce”, writer Sandy Weiner shares how she became a dating coach. It turns out she learned a lot about love because her marriage failed big time.

You can use your past experiences to avoid getting hurt again, find true happiness and help others make better choices.

Ask Yourself, “What Am I Doing This For?”

Have a purpose. Make your health and well-being your top reason for getting into shape. When your primary motivation is just to look good, you can easily get lost and get lazy in the process.

So, instead of taking dangerous dietary pills or supplements, blast your arms, chest and abs with this push-up variation.

When you understand why you need to do a certain action, you have much greater chances of achieving the outcome that your heart truly desires.

Create Balance Between Your Head and Your Heart

When you let yourself be ruled by logic, you tend to come up with cold and heartless decisions. On the other hand, when you allow yourself be ruled by your emotions, you tend to have stupid and irrational decisions.

In my opinion, balance is the key to making wise choices. It is essential to give yourself time to contemplate. Listen to your gut, but study the facts as well.

Since there can be a lot of factors to consider, here are some questions that help you to figure out your calculations in making soul decisions that can bring joy into your world.

• What is important to you?
• Does it feel right?
• Is the effect long-term or temporary?
• Can you deal with the outcome?

Guys, I hope these tips help you put things into perspective. It might not guarantee that you will get exactly what you desire, but it can definitely help you trust yourself more, come up with choices that you won’t regret and open your heart to alternative outcomes.