Staying Chill When Dealing With Big Changes In Your Life

Image by: Unsplash
By Anthony Juan

When I was younger, I used to say that my life could have been a movie – a horror movie.  I nearly got caught on fire, nearly drowned myself and nearly got into a car accident. Whenever I would wash my car, it would rain. I never bothered to enter raffle draws, didn’t play the lottery, and would never even participate in something as simple as an egg and spoon relay game, because I knew I won’t win. True story guys.

My childhood friends used to tease me that I had a cursed birthmark on my behind because of how unlucky I was. Even some of the old folks would say, “This boy is going to make some girl very unhappy one day.”

Even if it was a joke, it affected me emotionally. It made me doubt myself and it sabotaged my happiness because I stopped holding on to good things, thinking that they would never last anyway.

However, my life started to change when my cousin introduced me to her best friend Alicia. I fell in love with her and the day I found out that she felt the same way too was the very first time I considered myself lucky.

I knew that in order to keep her in my life, I needed to make a lot of mental adjustments. I realized that life would be so much easier if I just embraced the things that I couldn’t control and stopped trying to fight the major changes.

And when I say major changes, I am not just talking about all of your problems. It also includes positive things too, like getting a promotion or having a new girlfriend. Big changes, positive or not, require more work than just doing your old routine and sticking to what you know. It is all about evolving into a stronger and better version of yourself.

So, whether you are recovering from a financial crisis, starting a new relationship or transitioning from an 8-5 hustle to being you journey as an entrepreneur, here are 4 things that you need to do when accommodating big changes in your life.

Reframe Your Perspective

Your mindset is a very powerful tool, so use it to deal with situations accordingly guys. Focusing on your frustrations and finding someone to blame are a total waste of energy. Rather than feeling disempowered, invest time in preparing yourself emotionally and searching for new possible opportunities.

In marriage, for instance, many couples stay in an unfulfilling relationship because of their kids. But if you try to open your mind and look at it from a different point of view, you’ll realize that the whole parental conflict is causing them more harm than good.

I think it’s unfair to play victim to your kid’s welfare and make them an excuse for your miseries. And if you’re really concerned about them, then stop exposing them to negative experiences because it’s causing them more damage. It’s best to transition into two homes and just concentrate on helping the kids adapt to the changes in their lives.

Trust Yourself More

It is important that you have confidence in yourself during these transitional periods. Big life changes can make or break you. If you don’t handle them it in a positive manner, you will end up sabotaging opportunities for some serious self-growth.  So, trust in your ability to adapt to the changes and deal with the challenges along the way.

Dr. Leon Seltzer shares the most powerful way to raise your self-esteem and move to a much fuller appreciation and acceptance of who you are.

Actively coping with life’s challenges or having the courage to retreat from your comfort zone directly addresses feelings of inadequacy and incompetence. Also, it might be extremely helpful to know that raising your self-esteem will never take place within your comfort zone.

Don’t Rush Things

Some things need time to grow; so no matter how excited you feel with all the changes happening around you, don’t rush things.

For example, having a job and earning your own money for the first time can be an incredible feeling. However, this kind of change can give you’re a false sense of truth when it comes to money.

So, to help you avoid getting too excited in buying that iPhone7 and maxing out your card’s limit, check this out – “Simple Tips to Manage Spending As a Young Professional.”

Find Healthy Ways to Channel Your Emotions

It’s easy to get lost during transition periods because that could mean letting go of habits that you find comfortable and convenient. It’s important to deal with your feelings in a healthy manner so you won’t get off track.

So, focus your energy into something worthwhile like getting into shape. It will not only make you stronger but more importantly it can help you release stress and improve your mood.

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Guys, nothing in this world remains the same. And yes, it can be a really scary thought, but there’s nothing more frightening and more miserable than getting stuck with the way things are, without opportunities for growth and progress.