Do You Want to Eat Insects? The Inside Scoop Behind Cricket Flour Protein

Insect Eating
Image by: By AZRainman
By Charlie DeWitts

Ah! The old protein powder and muscle enhancement game. Usually, I’m here reporting some product that is a bit of a scam, but today is slightly different. Although not quite a clever ploy to get your money, using protein made from our favorite hopping insects is becoming more popular with New Age health techniques. However, the fact remains, that-holy crap they want me to eat insects now?! They’re gross and crawl on the ground and stuff!

Now hang on. We’ve a lot to cover today about what could be something that’s a normal product of the future. Actually, eating insects has been common practice in many cultures throughout time and even today. However, that still leaves us with many unanswered questions about Entomophagy. Rest assured, Danjur as always, is here to help. We got the down and dirty on insect eating.

#1) Is it healthy?

Well, the short answer is yes, it is. Now, you shouldn’t go running outside and eating everything you can catch. There’s a process behind it, and it takes a bit of instruction. Cooking them is the best way to go, as it’s the easy way to sanitize the insects. Cricket Flour is crushed up crickets combined with flour to give anything you cook an additional protein twist. So again, provided you’re not eating things you find off the ground, it’s as healthy as anything else you can buy.

Now, crickets have been cooked in a variety of ways, with things like chocolate or spices. What isn’t well known is that insects are a great source of protein given their small size. You still need quite a few crickets to get the necessary amount for whatever your purpose is, but insects are essentially creepy-crawling proteins just waiting to be eaten.

#2) Is it better than other protein powders?

This is up to you to decide. There is actually nothing wrong with using insects as a dietary supplement, in fact, they’re quite healthy. It could even be argued that if you love organics, eating insects is the way to go. They can, for all intents and purposes, be considered GM free. Although honestly, GMOs are quite healthy for you as well. Regardless, it helps to keep you options open and try different things. Not to mention, insects are far cheaper.

Honestly, the difference between protein supplements and insects are largely negligible. They both do the same thing, and have the same overall health benefits. Neither are dangerous to consume, although large amounts of protein is often unnecessary. Still though, insects can provide a great health alternative when trying to lose weight.

#3) Should I try it?

It couldn’t hurt! Whether or not you want to endorse products like these is your privilege and responsibility as a consumer. As mentioned before, the decision is one hundred percent up to you. But you should know the insect eating is a growing market in America, and will continue to grow, especially if the beef market is reduced for environmental concerns. It should also be noted that you’ve actually already eaten many insects already.

Your best bet is to keep an open mind. No one is forcing you to do anything. The only thing you need to know is that you won’t have to worry about catching any strange diseases or anything, which is generally the primary concern for people who aren’t to familiar with the subject of eating insects.

So if you’re running out of protein powder for your gym outings, why not give good, old fashioned cricket flour protein a try? It’ll be a great conversational starter, and who knows, it could help your gains just because your body is digesting something slightly different. If your body is important to you, you should always keep an open mind.

What do you think about insect eating? It’s healthy and crunchy, and only slightly weird! Share your views and/or experiences below. Have any of you ever had this fine delicacy?