Top 6 Things You Will Never Hear Successful Business Owners Say & Why

Image by: Tammi6123
By: George Lamb

There are a certain collection or words and phrases which is off limits to the successful entrepreneur. Why are such things off limits? Well, because the vocabulary one uses often reflects their mentality, and if an entrepreneur sullies his mouth with the forbidden fruit, then he may find himself afloat in the sea of the millions of other salesman who are trying desperately to get is brand recognized.

You’re wondering what these phrases are? Nothing particularly uncommon in the common world I’ll tell you that much. But always remember that in a common world there are little to no millionaires. Now, enough of my brief insight, let’s take a bite into that forbidden vocabulary that you should avoid if you want to become a respectable entrepreneur.

#1) I Don’t Need any Criticism or Feedback

The short answer is, yes you do… But I don’t think that will be enough to satisfy you will it, my dear reader? Everybody knows that most—if not all—great successes have been criticized one way or another. It’s a part of the job, and if you’re not open to new ideas and perspectives then your business or company will remain in purgatory for a long time. How can one grow if he isn’t experiencing any threats in his environment? Outside stimuli, in all situations, is the cause for progress.

What happens when you exercise? You burn fat and build muscle to adapt to the movements. What happens when you age? You grow taller and wiser to fulfill the adult tasks nature has assigned to you. And of course, what happens when your brand receives constructive criticism? You reevaluate the issue, fix any errors and restructure it into a marketable product.

The bottom line is none of us are perfect, and sometimes diverse feedback and adjacent perspectives can catch something that you might have missed. Although it’s great to utilize said feedback, it’s still up to you—and your colleagues—to decide whether you want to make the change or not.

#2) No, Let’s Keep Things Just the Way They are

Before you proceed into the land of entrepreneurship, the number one thing you must realize is the fact that perfection doesn’t exist, and no matter how well-oiled your business is, there is always room for improvement. Visionary people, no matter how prosperous their business is, are always looking to challenge and improve the way things are done.

In a sense, you have to develop a never ending hunger which will result in you pushing yourself and your colleagues into areas you or they may not be comfortable with so you can stay afloat and cutting edge in the vast competition. Change, no matter for the good or for the bad, should always be expected, planned for and—in more fortunate cases—even welcomed.

#3) It’s Impossible

If you have the audacity to call yourself an entrepreneur, then you better believe the sky is the limit. Nothing (barring natural restrictions) can’t be done; successful people are always willing to explore the solution to a problem before giving up on it entirely—it’s called creativity. This is why people end up billionaire CEO’s in the first place—because they were able to see a picture nobody else could, and when in doubt by non-believers, the creative minds forge ahead and try it anyway, regardless of the possibilities of failure.

#4) What if it fails?

Unless one has gained serious mileage off of daddy’s coat tails throughout their entire life, then any successful person knows failure like the back of their hand. How’s the saying go? Keep your friends close but your enemy’s closer… In this case success will be your friend, and failure your enemy. I cannot think of a better situation for that saying to be applied than here, as failure is essentially the reason why people become successful in the first place.

It’s because they tried something that didn’t work and had the courage and discipline to shrug away the pain and continue forward unabated.

#5) Stop asking Questions!

Curiosity kills the cat, but often times it does the opposite for our inventive species. Without questions there would be no answers; and without answers there would be no business; and without business there will be no money. Hey, that’s a pretty impressive quote isn’t it? I improvised it myself… Okay, let me stop patting myself on the bat and mention that questions not only provide answers, but also keeps things innovative and increases wisdom. All are key elements to becoming a well respected entrepreneur.

#6) I Know Everything

Behind every successful man is a smart team. Building the best squad you can get your hands on is vital for the success of your brand. Ideal candidates should be focused, punctual and above all ambitious. Admitting you don’t know everything there is to know about every aspect of your company won’t kill you, will it? This is precisely why you hire people to fill the void. Your employees, and yourself, are all pieces to the puzzle that will make your company a thriving whole. And if you’re too stubborn to take my advice and find yourself the lone man on a deserted island, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

There’s no I in team, buddy, so work on those people skills and hire the best guys you can find!

Are you an entrepreneur who happened to let any of these phrases slip out of your mouth at some point in time? What did you do to overcome your inconsistencies in the workplace? If you feel up to it, tell us all about it!