Compassion 101 Comes to the Classroom to Teach Kids About Empathy

By Jack Day

A sense of self worth and the language they need to engage in conflict resolution. These are just two of the benefits kids get from receiving “compassion lessons” in San Francisco schools. Social and emotional learning are quickly becoming yet another segment of the curriculum kids learn today. And thank goodness for that. Sometimes kids just don’t get this type of education at home for one reason or another, so the fact that schools have taken the initiative to help instill a sense of empathy is admirable. The school districts involved in bringing this concept to the rest of the country are hoping the effects will have trickle down results and help the kids to improve in every aspect of their education.

What do you think of compassion learning? Is is just a fad, more self esteem jargon, or the first real step towards becoming a dominantly emphatic society? Tell us your thoughts and please share any experiences and/or knowledge with the rest of the class please! And Thank you!