This Nonprofit Helped Deliver 5,000 Pizzas to Our Brave Men & Women

By Jack Day

“Hey dad, do they got pizza’s like this in the military?” That is the question that Ret. Master Sergeant Mark Evans son asked him one night when the two were sitting around munching on some pie watching the game. And then the idea was born to start Pizza 4 Patriots. 7 years & 1,000,000 slices later and the non for profit is going strong. This year for the Super Bowl mark teamed up with DHL to deliver nearly 5,000 pizzas to troops stationed all over Afghanistan. “Having served overseas, I personally know that having a taste of home on Super Bowl Sunday is a powerful experience for troops stationed abroad,” says Sergeant Evans. The pies were even delivered piping hot according to the story, which if you are in the middle of the Afghan desert probably doesn’t even matter because you’re eating pizza from America.

What did you think of the Sarge’s story? Pretty cool huh? And I imagine that the inside of that plane must smell amazing! Have you ever served in the military? Or helped send some love to those who are? Please share your stories with us and tell us about your experiences!