Want to See A Fireman Rescue 3 Kids in First Person?

By Charlie DeWitts

This fireman had a camera attached his helmet for his job. Of course, there happened to be a fire. As always, these men rushed to do their job, and they did it well. However, now you can see it from his eyes. This wasn’t a training exercise, it was a bona fide real rescue. Which is a great thing for those three kids, because fires are a terrible way to go out. Enough from me though, give this hero the views he deserves!


  1. Garrett7160 says:

    Wow, I am so relieved for these children that their lives were saved.
    Thanks to the bravery and quick response of the firemen. I am stunned to
    hear that the mom left these three little children all alone!

  2. LostAble says:

    Scary! It’s amazing what these firemen have to go through and makes you thankful that they are there in case something happens. Why were the children alone in the house?

  3. Jeffery9078 says:

    No thanks to the mom the children were saved. It sounds like it was a very close call since the children were unconscious. It’s so great that we have fire fighters like these willing to risk their lives to save others.

  4. Kentucky Blue says:

    According to the reporter Mom was shopping when the fire broke out. I know that sounds crazy,who would leave three little kids alone like that, right? But I am going to wait for more information because we don’t really know the circumstances.

  5. CraterP says:

    Thank God they were able to save the children. What was that mother thinking leaving them on their own. These firemen risk their lives every time they step into a burning house or building. Many people don’t know half of what they do.

  6. Chief says:

    It’s not a job I could do, so kudos to the men and women who risk their lives to save people in fires. It was scary to see how little visibility the fire officer had once inside. How he rescued them is beyond me – the guy deserves a medal.

  7. HunterD says:

    Wow, I certainly hope they see a little better than I did on that video. How he saw those children is beyond me because I didn’t see them until one of them was handed off to another fireman. Way to go!

  8. Miloo8 says:

    I agree. It is not something I could do. Bravo to the brave men and women who do this daily. I hope I am never in this situation. You can’t see anything!

  9. Miloo8 says:

    Bravo to these brave firefighters! I would never have left my kids alone when they were that young. Glad that the story ended the way it did though.

  10. Hadwin says:

    Fires are a very scary thing and response times are really the difference between life and death. Good thing these firemen took only four minutes to respond because I can’t even imagine what the outcome would have been if they arrived only seconds later.

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