Can Exercise Actually Make You Smarter?

Image by: USAG- Humphreys
By Kurt Garrity

We know that there are physical health benefits of getting a good amount of exercise. We can feel those. But what about our minds? Do they get some kind of workout while we sweat?

In other words, does exercise make you smarter? The answer is a resounding “yes.”

According to science, anyway. A recently released set of findings show that even modest amounts of cardiovascular activity has a positive effect on brain function.

Those who participated in the study saw measurable differences in cognitive abilities in as little as four months into a new work-out routine.

The study researcher, Dr. Martin Juneau of the Montreal Heart Institute, summed it up best in a statement when he said that, “you can at least partially prevent that [cognitive] decline by exercising and losing weight.”

And that’s not all. Science journal Neurology published a study that that clearly shows that physical exercise is far better at combating brain shrinkage than mere mental workouts.