Can Drinking More Liquids Help You Lose Weight?

Image by: Robb and Jessie Stankey
By Jake Bradshaw

Everyone is always looking for a new way to lose weight, and one of the most obvious strategies is to limit your food intake. Though this might seem like a smart thing to do, it’s actually not. When we starve ourselves, not only does our metabolism get screwed up, but our organs can soak in the nutrients it needs from other sources and begin to swell.

Liquids are fantastic because it doesn’t take much to get started. All you need is a great juicer, a pack of fruits, and cup. New studies have shown that certain juices can actually help your metabolism and digestion. By knowing which fruits and veggies work best with your body, you can begin to take control of your diet. Let’s get juicing!

Forget The Liquid Diets

As men, our bodies naturally call for solids to break apart during digestion. Unless you are detoxing, stay away from these kind of diets. The whole point of juicers is to provide an extra boost to your diet and speed up your metabolism. If there’s nothing in your stomach to activate it, then the juice’s magic is gone to waste. They work simultaneously together, don’t forget that.

Juice, Juice, Juice

Invest in a great juicer, one that won’t break down if you are in a hurry and over stuff it with fruits and veggies. Think about what your favorite fruits are. There is no bad choice. There’s no point in creating juices that you are not going to enjoy. Make it worth while.

  • Blueberries

Blueberries are full of antioxidants, which helps with cancer, your heart and if you’re a smoker, could even help to release the bad toxins through your urine or sweat. They don’t have many calories and in fact, they will cut down your body’s fat reserves which means all the stored up fat in your tummy and love handles have a better chance at going away.

Image by: TheKarenD

  • Grapefruits

Grapefruits are like gasoline for your metabolism. As it gets digested, it acts like a powerful magnet to everything else that is being broken down. Try eating a whole ORGANIC grapefruit in the morning, first thing. With ten minutes you will need to go to the bathroom, because similar to prunes, they shoot straight through your body while grabbing everything in it’s path.

Grapefruits are great before a workout. Have one or two as soon as you wake up, don’t eat anything for about 20 minutes after, and by the time you workout, your system will be clear and have much more energy to last.

Image by: AgriLife Today

  • Carrots

Carrots are probably one of the better tasting vegetables we have, and thankfully it’s the best for you. Rich in Vitamin A, magnesium, potassium and calcium, carrot juice will strengthen your body while boosting the immune system.

Studies have shown that by consuming carrot juice three times a week, it will rid your fat much quicker since it strengthens your T-cells, which fight disease and balances the health of your organs.

Image by: chriscook04

  • Pomegranates

Everyone knows about the benefits of Pomegranate juices. Not only does it detox your entire body, ridding it of bad chemicals and stored up fat, but it can also help with our libido. The detoxing power it has will give us much more energy, since all bad toxins which weigh us down will be out of our system.

Image by: Shai Barzilay