Aside From Being Awesome, See How Space Exploration Can Help Awaken Your Ancient Thirst For Meaning

Image by: tableatny
By John Cace

If you’re like me guys, then you love a good space story. The real ones are better though. Like the recent discovery made by scientists that confirmed Einstein’s theory about gravitational waves and provided evidence that time and space are linked. It only took over $1 Billion and 40 years, but they did it!

And like all good stories that have happy endings, it leaves us all with a sense of wonder and curiosity to know just how far we can make it in our own lives.

  • See what the biggest challenges facing space exploration can teach you about your own personal success
  • Get your daily dose of inspiration from Buzzfeed’s head honcho and learn what should be on your checklist for building your ideas into a successful company
  • In the love department, take a minute to hear the reasons why one writer believes modern relationships fall apart so easily
  • And then walk your way into awesome shape with these exercises that could not be any easier
Why Space? Because It’s Humbling & Inspiring For Your Soul

In’s piece The 12 Greatest Challenges for Space Exploration, you get a seriously in depth look at the insane level of difficulty involved in being a rocket scientist. Of course you already knew that, but what you might find interesting is knowing that their struggles are very similar to your own.

For instance, building rockets is not only really hard, but it’s also very expensive as well. It cost nearly $200 Million just to launch the Mars Curiosity Rover, barely even 10% of the cost of the entire mission.

How does this help you? Well there’s a rover on Mars isn’t there? In other words, just because your dream might sound crazy, cost you more money than you have ever known, or be so difficult you don’t even know where to begin, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

The article goes on to mention the perils of putting crews in space for extended periods of time and goes so far as to say that, “Space turns you into a bag of cancer.”

Yet we have astronaut’s like Scott Kelly and Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko sacrificing themselves for the pursuit of science by staying in space for one full year.

You probably don’t want to go and do something that might give you a life ending disease, but you can certainly gain some motivation from these two men when it comes time for you to put yourself on the line for your dreams.

Now in the very in depth piece How BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti Is Building A 100-Year Media Company by writer Noah Robischon, you can get a little more Earthly lessons on creating the business you’ve always wanted.

Like the way Peretti built his media empire after the business model of Paramount Pictures. The company, “owned a film production studio, its own cast of talent, and its own distribution channel in the form of theaters. That allowed them to adapt and change as the market changed.”

That’s why instead of just being another news site posting stories, Peretti began to make the stories himself in house with his own talent and then posted the content all over social media according to where it would perform best.

The article is long I understand, but I promise it is worth the read to hear how the head of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Ze Frank has created a team of talented people good at a variety of different jobs called multihyphenates.

They write, act, produce, direct, and do anything else that makes them better at each task, and then every few months everyone is shuffled around to keep getting the exposure that drives creativity. That’s freaking smart.

According to Peretti, “The intellectual challenge of trying to understand why ideas spread…is infinitely rich. I don’t feel like you ever figure that out.” When you adopt a mindset like that, you’ll quickly put yourself on track for success.

Love Is Another Area Of Life that Requires You to Be Hands On

In the piece, Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart So Easily Today, the answers are quite numerous and read like a set of observations to help shed light on possible solutions. As you read each reason, you can’t help but think if you are guilty of any of them and then wonder how you can change.

It certainly takes more than just reading a list, but you can use it to guide you in starting to appreciate a deeper meaning in relationships.

None of these tasks are easy, I’m not gonna lie guys. So that’s why I want to leave you with some loaded walking exercises that are extremely easy, but provide a great workout and awesome results.

All you need is a few weights, hell you could just use gallon jugs to start, and your two legs to get you moving. It’s nice to pace yourself sometimes, especially when it might help loosen your pants.