Keep Motivated For All Of Life’s Challenges & Learn What It Takes to Develop the “Grit” Of Achieving Your Dreams

Image by: Chris Gilmore
By Mike Venture

Here’s a question for you guys, how do you know if you have what it takes to follow through on your dreams? And what about the ability to stay motivated enough along the way to maintain that coveted stick-to-itivness attitude? You might have your own gauge for determining those kinds of things, but sometimes it helps to affirm your beliefs and take a look at some notes from the road map of life.

  • Grit. What a great word to describe a collection of knowledge you should have when it comes to tackling life’s projects
  • In case you need a couple of extra ways to keep yourself from losing interest during your endeavors , here’s how to stay motivated forever
  • And when it comes to dating, this is what you need to know about being with a woman who is perpetually single, don’t worry it’s good news
  • Then to add a couple ideas to your daily diet, try out these super easy and extremely healthy snacks, all I’m going to say is there’s protein balls that taste like Reese’s
True Grit Comes From a Diverse Set Of Qualities, As Well As Jeff Bridges

Those qualities are all about experience, usually the kind that is not pleasant, enjoyable, or rewarding. Once you get through each one though, you get a little more tempered by it and learn to handle it better in the future.

It’s making cold calls, it’s giving more than you get, it’s screwing up royally, accepting it, and getting right back in the ring, it’s getting way out of your comfort zone and doing the things no one else want to do to be a leader.

In writer Travis Bradberry’s, 11 Signs You Have the Grit You Need to Succeed, he says, “It’s the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel to stick with our dreams until they become a reality.”

Sometimes you have to keep your emotions in check and be nice when you don’t want to and you have to meet crazy deadlines and exceed expectations to know how well you can perform under pressure.

It’s only then will you have served in the necessary battles that give you that tried and tested grit to get through whatever else comes you way.

And to stay motivated once you have built up all that experience, it takes certain outlooks on life to really help you carry on for the long haul.

To explain, entrepreneur and writer Matthew Toren offers you his 5 Life-Changing Tips to Stay Motivated Forever.

One of the most interesting concepts Toren discusses is the idea of hyperbolic discounting. Basically it has to do with the way we tend to make decisions based on the level of gratification it has in that moment. Rather than wait for something better to happen later down the road, we make a choice based on a reward we can collect immediately that is not nearly as good.

To test this, just ask yourself if you would rather have $1000 right now this instant, or could you wait until the end of the year and get $3000.

It’s more complex than that when it comes to real life decisions, but by sustaining your desire for instant gratification, you will create the motivation you need to collect an even bigger reward later.

And to further add to that, you could create your own reward system based on the type of work you do. This gives you additional forms of motivation and will ultimately change your way of thinking all together so that you actually enjoy the “working towards” something part of the process.

True Grit & Motivation, 2 Things You Definitely Need When It Comes to Women

I’m sure you have come across your fair share of beautiful, strong, intelligent women who just never seem to date. And if you happen to be chasing after that type, you’re going to want to know why.

In the piece 5 Things to Know Before Dating the Girl Who is Perpetually Single, you will see that it’s not about her dismissing relationships, but rather craving freedom just as equally.

You might have been in a relationship where you felt smothered by a girl, so now just apply how YOU felt to a woman who is “perpetually single.” She also enjoys time to herself and with her friends and she does not mean to seem cold, but she just does not ALWAYS NEED to be taken care of.

It can actually be a very rewarding experience when you find a woman like this, because she knows who she is, she is happy with it, and she has a lust for life that keeps her going. She’s got that true grit in her blood!

Now quickly, I want to leave you with these three VERY EASY and VERY HEALTHY ideas for getting your day off right. Awesome fruit smoothies, infused water, and delicious protein balls that taste like Reese’s, you’re welcome.