Learn to Evolve So the Rise Of the Machines Will Mean More Opportunity, Not Less

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By Jack Day

As a man you probably think about a lot of stuff. Like, is it possible to still find good people in the world? Can we have faith that the future generation will still know right from wrong? And how much longer until they can 3D print LIVING body parts already?

As you can tell, I found some answers to those ponderings, which only led to more questions of course. But that’s the fun part about life, being curious, staying hungry, and learning to evolve along with the world so you can always have the right information to get what you want.

  • Yes, the robots are here, but it’s not the Matrix you have to worry about if you want to stay relevant in the future
  • To help boost the successful outcome of your endeavors, here are some things 20 year-olds did to become 30-year-old millionaires, and you don’t have to create the next Facebook to do it
  • Then see what kind of exercise might be the best for your brain
  • And in case you need some solid rules for bulking up if you’re a thinner guy, then these tips are for you
Robots are cool, that’s why they will never be as hot as Anastasiya Kvitko

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So recently I read Paul Mason’s piece about the impending robotic revolution set to automate 47% of jobs by 2050. 34 years might sound like a long time from now, but the next ten years are not friend.

That’s why when you hear the exciting news about new technologies, you shouldn’t just sit idly and consume them. You have to be thinking beyond their basic applications and what that means to people.

As an easy example, look at what Facebook started out as, and then today what is has grown into and the influence it has spread across the world. Not just with USERS, but PRODUCERS. People who were amazed by the concept and then took to their own dreams based on the potentialities they saw coming from it.

So when you hear about the doom and gloom that can come with robot stories from the future, just remember that it’s up to you to evolve and keep growing right alongside the rest of the world.

That sentiment pleases Anastasia very much guys

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It’s because she digs men with conviction and determination. Men like yourself who are totally capable of becoming a millionaire in less than ten years without having to create the next SnapChat or BuzzFeed.

In writer Kathleen Elkins’ piece, 9 things to do in your 20s to become a millionaire by 30, you get to hear from young entrepreneurs who reveal how they did it.

There are the standard tips about focusing on earning, saving to invest, keeping yourself informed and educated, and knowing when to ask for help. But one of the suggestions has to do with taking risks and knowing when the time is right to act on your ideas.

Well allow me to tell you that the time is always right now. Because even if you mess up, it teaches you how to go back and do it better. And when you take those risks, they become less and less risky do to the fact that you learn from them every time.

To get to that million dollar mark, don’t let risk stand in your way. Start replacing the word risk with the word opportunity and it will help you to make that mental shift from fearing the unknown to anticipating what’s next.

Anastasia likes working out her body and her brain

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When scientists recently compared the neurological impacts of three different types of exercise: running, weight training, and high intensity interval training, the results were interesting.

Writer Gretchen Reynolds reveals in her piece, Which Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain? that, “going hard may not be the best option for long-term brain health.”

Studying rats brains after they’ve been running on a treadmill, the scientists found that the number of new neurons originating in the animals hippocampus had doubled or nearly tripled. It’s the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

In comparison, rats who were involved in high intensity interval training showed a much smaller increase in new neurons, while the strength training rats had almost no new neurons at all.

What does that mean? Well for starters it means that if you tend to go as hard as you can when you work out, it’s not worth it, for your body or your mind. Sure it might feel good to push yourself, but you could be doing more harm than good.

To achieve a good balance it’s best to not solely focus on strength and intensity when perusing your fitness goals.

And even if you are not necessarily rail thin, 5 Thumb Rules For Skinny Guys Who Are Trying To Gain Muscle might be an article you want to check out anyways.

There is some sound advice for any man looking to put on some lean muscle that your brain would definitely stand behind. And it’s a great way to make sure you stay smarter and stronger than the machines should Skynet ever become self-aware.