AdWords Tips – 2 Time-Proven Tips For Boosting Your Response Through the Roof!

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Image by: Daehyun Park
By Fabian Tan

Google has been ruling the virtual kingdom for some years now; whether it’s search, advertising, or applications. There is just no beating Google and so if you want to run a successful AdWords Campaign, you’ll need some AdWords tips to help you achieve your goals.

Now, AdWords is also known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click and helps you and other online businesses to drive targeted traffic to their official websites. This means greater exposure, more clients, and higher revenue. If you want to achieve all this, follow these simple AdWords tips and make your PPC campaigns roaring successes.

#1. Use only Relevant keywords – Ignore this AdWords tip at your own peril. Using generic keywords is the best way to ruin your PPC campaign. It may mean more eyeballs, but not THE eyeballs that you are after. Generalized keywords or phrases typically spell death for most ad campaigns as they attract all sorts of visitors, interested and uninterested. Therefore, always spend time researching for the most appropriate keywords and don’t settle for anything that isn’t.

#2. Set specific advertising goals – Defined objectives help you give direction to your AdWords campaigns. Your objectives should be designed to answer questions that address performance and duration. Some of examples of these objectives could be: “Want to get more than 10,000 clicks in 1 month” or Increase clickthrough rate (CTR).” You can actually increase your CTR by focusing on the quality of your ads. Use only specific and highly targeted key phrases and pay special attention to placement of these key phrases. Finally, you can drive away unwanted traffic by the use of negative keywords!

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