List Building Secrets – The 3 Biggest Ways to Grow a Legion of Loyal Subscribers

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By Fabian Tan

One of the surefire ways to create a massive income online is by having your big, responsive list. List building is probably one of the easiest ways to create push-button income, once you actually built that list, that is. Here are the 3 biggest ways to get you growing your own legion of loyal subscribers that buy from you constantly:

1. Article Marketing

This is one of the very best ways to market your list opt-in page at no cost, other than your time. Write articles, and submit them to article directories like Ezine Articles to get traffic. It’s very simple and easy. And if you have no knack for writing, you can always hire someone from Elance to crank out articles for you while you laze your day away.

2. Joint Ventures

I can say this from my own personal experience – joint ventures are the best way to get hundreds of subscribers overnight. From JV’s, I can literally sleep and wake up and have hundreds of new sign-ups in my autoresponder. The idea is to find other marketers in your niche and do cross-promotions with your lists. Of course, you have to have a ‘seed list’ of subscribers to actually start doing cross-promotions. Which is why I recommend starting out with the first method or the third method below…

3. Affiliate Program

This is one of the most creative and effective ways for getting subscribers on autopilot. The idea is you pay your affiliates either $0.50 or $1 for every lead they generate for you. This arrangement gets affiliates highly motivated to promote your offer! And it can build you a list very fast.

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