AdWords Success Tips – Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Ad Basket

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By Fabian Tan

If you are doing business on the Internet, chances are quite good that you are taking advantage of AdWords to increase your visibility in the marketplace. If you aren’t then you really should be. This article is focused on those who are interested in AdWords tips to increase their success with the program.

Don’t Put All Your Ad Eggs into One Ad Basket

The beauty of the AdWords model is that it helps you see what works and what doesn’t – if you are using it properly. My favorite AdWords tip is that you should never run just one advertisement in the program. When you have selected the wording for one ad, change things up a bit and run at least three different versions of the same ad. In a short period of time you should have even statistical data to tell you which of the three versions is yielding the best results and the lesser two can be removed from the campaign.

Don’t worry if your first ads don’t do very well; writing ad copy is a specialty that people spend years perfecting and no AdWords tip is going to instantly make you a better copy writer. That comes with a lot of time and tons of practice. The good news though is that you have room for a few mistakes and they aren’t going to cost you a fortune. It isn’t an expensive lesson to learn. In other words, flex your creative muscle and in no time you’ll be offering your own AdWords tips to freshman Internet advertisers.

Best of luck!

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