A Short Selection of Awesome Christmas-Based Suits

By Kenny G. Thompson

Ah, The holiday season is one of celebration. What we celebrate exactly, is … Up to Pre-selected individuals we’ve chosen in our respective groups of power. Was that non-denomination enough? Anyway, the guys at Opposuits have presented a few wonderfully holiday-themed suits for any man looking to be dazzling and festive.  These are just a selection of their Christmas set, but they have other holiday themes as well. Make sure you take a look here, than take a look there!

It’s time … For Christmas!
Christmas suits!

Because Trees are also sacred! I think!

Snowmen shall be venerated!
Hello snowman

What do you think? Just perfect or perfectly tacky?


  1. RodneyTT01 says:

    These suites are great, but I am guessing this is a joke because I have no idea where I or anyone else would wear these suites? Maybe for a stand up comedy act?

  2. Henry says:

    My eyes! They’re bleeding! If someone put a gun to my head, I guess I’d wear the snowman suit but that would be about the only reason I’d wear any one of these.

  3. Romero says:

    Thanks for the laugh, Henry. I’m hoping this is a tongue-in-cheek type of article because I can’t see anyone having the nerve to pull this off. Looks like someone decided to use wrapping paper as an inspiration for a suit.

  4. ACDude8 says:

    Haha, right?? These are crazy and they must be some kind of a joke. Even at Christmas, I wouldn`t be caught dead wearing any of these. Maybe a tie with a pattern like this to the office Christmas party, just for laughs. But that would be all.

  5. StevenL says:

    It must be a joke. Tell me it’s a joke, please, somebody? I wouldn’t wear something like this no matter how much someone offered me. The strange thing is I asked a couple of female colleagues for their opinion – and they loved the red snowman print. Go figure!

  6. Chief says:

    They may say they love it but try turning up for a date in one and see what happens! I can’t even see them working for a costume party unless it was a bad taste theme.

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