7 Places That Will Make You Lose Your Sanity

By Richard K. Noots

There are a lot of beautiful sites to see in the world, but we tend to also forget one very important fact … There a lot of places that are scary as hell to be caught in alone. Places like below, which would personally make me curl up into a ball and cry until someone rescued me. Ha … I’m kidding, of course … It’s just some abandoned foundations after all, right? Eek …

Holy crap!
Abandoned House

Pretty nice … I guess.
Church in St Einne, France

Abandoned Church in Czech Republic still gets use … I guess.
Czech Republic

This old amusement park is in Japan.

Oh Russia, must you make your libraries terrifying too?
Library, Russia

This Palace in Poland used to house the mentally ill.
Overgrown Palace, Poland

The Deadly Treeiano!

I think I’ll stay just right here.