8 Illegal Images That will Make You Think Twice About Heights

By Charlie DeWitts

OK, Whether or not you’re afraid of heights, you probably don’t spend your free time climbing the tallest buildings for kick ass pictures. What should be known, is what these guys are doing is illegal. But it should also noted that it’s damn bad ass! So take a look at this awesome views of human architecture and feel delighted. A bird’s eye view is one we should look through more often. It gives you a better appreciation of the scope of our achievements when it comes to construction.

Don’t see me!
Don't see me

From a person on a building!
From a person, on a building

Hong Kong.
Hong Kong

Such a beautiful place … And Filled with pollution …
Hongkong dos

Just chillin’ on a bridge.
Just chillin on a bridge

More china

Shanghai Tower 2

And it’s tower.
Shanghai Tower

Yeah, I wonder if anyone has fallen doing this?