A Comedic Look into Gender Equality Presented by Instagram

By Richard K. Noots

The guys at Witty + Pretty had a fantastic idea to retake familiar shots seen with women around the country and add a simple dash of testosterone to it. Now, we have a new way to take over Instagram. Let’s show women that we can be interested things like lattes, Yoga, pajama pants, cute animals and our face! Now is the time for us to take on our more sensitive mantle- Oh, wait. It’s satire, isn’t it? Shoot. Ignore all that then … Just, uh … Enjoy the photos.

Animal picture!
animal pic

Basic bitch status.

You know you’ve gotten one of these.

On mah cleanse.

Delicious-looking hotdogs.
Hot dogs

Nailin’ it.
Nailin it


Now sultry.

Groupon! Wait …

It’s ok … Soon I’ll have my chance.