Giving a Little Goes a Long Way, Especially When it Comes to Feet

By Richard K. Noots

Andre McDonnell is a good man with a simple idea: Helping the homeless walk around just a bit easier. One day after playing Basketball with his friends, Andre spied a homeless person who was barefoot. Andre gave up his shoes and upon his (rather rough) walk home, he came to the conclusion that something more had to be done. Which is just what he did. Now Andre runs a small organization called It’s From the Sole and it seems it’s going well. Got any shoes to donate?

Good Work

Making people happy.
Bringing shoes to everyone

Giving just a bit.
Free shoe

Imagine what he was walking on before.
Here's a pair

Spreading the word!
It's From the Sole

Donations accepted.
Shoe donations

And he’ll handle the washing.
Washes all shoes himself

That’s some good work, wouldn’t you say?