10 Places That Will Make You Realize The World is Absolutely Gorgeous

By Kenny G. Thompson

The world will always surprise with just how gorgeous it can be. If you need proof, don’t wait on me! Skip below and see some of the greatest scenery ever known to exist. For those who are still here, I hope this encourages you to travel, as not enough people get out from their own backyards. There’s plenty of things to see in the world, and time doesn’t stop.

Alberta, Canada
Alberta, Canada

Braunwald, Switzerland
Braunwald, Switzerland

Five Flower Lake, China
FIve flower lake, china

Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Great barrier reef in Australia

Histujiyama Park, Japan
Hitsujiyama Park, Japan

Lavender Fields, France
Lavender fields France

No one knows why Lake Hillier is pink.
No one knows why Lake hillier is pink

Lavender Fields, Netherlands
Tulip Fields, Netherlands

Valley of Flowers in India
valley of flowers, india

Yuanyang County, China
Yuanyang county China

Pack your bags!