5 Comfort Foods You Can Take to the Next Level

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By: Ken Lucas

Comfort foods: Something convenient you eat that sparks the mind with sentimental feelings of warmth, nostalgia and perhaps even arousal (To all the chocolate loving ladies).

If I had to choose one personally, mine would probably be cheese deep dish pizza–simple yet delicious. Mmmmm. Alright let me stop fantasizing about my edible desires and proceed to suggest five particular foods you can indulge yourself in that are tasty and sentimental. I’m not here to try to dictate every aspect of your culinary life, I just want to add some flavor, some excitement, and some positive effects on your body.

Positive effects on my body!? Comfort foods are meant to be comfortable not healthy! Yea I know that’s what you’re thinking, but I’m a strong supporter of the particular saying: You are what you eat. And although I believe everybody, athletes in particular, deserves a cheat day to indulge in all the finest edible goods, I also believe that keeping a healthy and fun diet could improve the quality of your life mentally, physically, and tastebudedly (Okay that last word doesn’t really exist but you get my point.)

Fortunately for you, though, in this article I will not be emphasizing particularly healthy foods, only the ones that will make you feel warm and tingly inside.

#1) Chicken Noodle Soup

Winter is right around the corner folks, and what does that mean? It means wash your blankets, set up that fireplace, and stock your pantry with Campbell’s chicken noodle soup!

Being among the most classic of all comfort foods in America, it is also widely popular across the globe. Who could ever guess chicken noodle soup was such a big deal? I suppose I can understand, because its cheap, easy to make and very accessible. All you need is pasta, broth, and a few pieces of chicken and you’ve got yourself a passionate eating experience.

Not only does it taste good, but it has also long been touted as an advanced form of medicine to treat symptoms of the common flu and cold. Why else do you think when you were a sick kid your mother forced the stuff down your throat?

#2) Doughnuts

Glazed, strawberry, chocolate, Bavarian creme, and managers’ specials! Doughnuts, people. What would we be without them? They are delicious, diverse and very convenient. Some say they may even be the cure to cancer. Perhaps I’m getting a little too carried away, but you understand my point: Doughnuts are undoubtedly one of the ideal comfort foods of our country.

It is estimated that every morning approximately 100 million Americans over the age of 18 are consuming coffee on a regular basis. Yea, that’s a lot, huh… Well if 100 million Americans are drinking coffee every morning, you can only imagine how many doughnuts are being consumed annually.

With places like Dunkin’ Doughnuts and Starbucks coffee (R.I.P Krispy Kreme) on virtually every corner on every block, its not surprising to me that this particular food has sentimental value to the working class citizen.

#3) Burger & Fries

Don’t quote me on this, but this particular combination of foods may be the reason why most of the American population suffers from obesity. Even if that fact is true, it doesn’t hinder the convenience of pulling up in the drive thru and acquiring a quick, hearty meal within five minutes time.

Now I know that the title suggests five comfort foods that you can ‘take to the next level’, but please note that if you don’t use the concept of moderation with this tasty duo then you might lose your perfect figure.

#4) Pizza!

The first thing I thought about while making this post is how last year Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson had sustained a season ending injury because he was trying to keep his pizza from sliding off the passengers seat while driving home. Don’t believe me? Well then, I’ll give you a few seconds to Google it yourself. He even got free pizza for an entire year as a token gesture from the restaurant.

Unbelievable right? It begs the question, would you purposely get in a car accident and blame it on the food in exchange for a years supply of free pizza? That’s a tough one, but I personally think I’d have to sacrifice a limb or two.

#5) Soul Food

This particular array of foods may or may not exclusively apply to the African-American community, but whether it does or doesn’t is irrelevant. The bottom line is every particular ethnic group has their own particular versions of this “soul food.” I would go through the trouble of listing particular food items for each particular race, but I’d prefer not to risk stirring up any commotion with racially sensitive readers. I’d expect myriads of comments similar to these:

“So you’re telling me since I’m Asian that means I’m physically unable to eat Fried Chicken and collard greens!?”

“I’m black and my family makes garden vegetable casseroles for dinner every week you idiot!”

“You ignorant racist!”

So instead of risking a nights sleep over accusations of racism, I’ll take the lazy way out and leave you to decide what your particular version of soul food is.

Did I miss your favorite dish? Sorry about that, but if we took the trouble to list every comfort food known to man you’d never stop reading. We implore you to share your favorite food below!