5 Best U.S. Cities For Business In 2013 & Beyond

Image by: Pete Toscano
By Michael Sterling

Big cities are like ant hills. More people are moving into giant urban areas than are coming out, and as the population grows, the city has no choice but to build. More skyscrapers and public transportation systems are being made now than ever before. If you want to grow your business, you need to be in a growing area, and right now, urbanization is booming.

Starting headquarters in a major city can be pricey, but the idea here is outreach. Minorities carry much of the urban population, and they are expanding 8x faster than the majority, says Next Street. This is your future market! Grab their loyalty now and they’re yours forever. Invest in your customers.

#1) Dallas, TX

Last year, the economy in Dallas was the second best in the nation at $254 billion. Jobs are growing at 2.9% every year and it’s expected to maintain this speed through 2014, according to Moody’s Analytics.¬†Everything is bigger in Texas, including pocket books.

In the entire U.S., Dallas is third place in having the most resident billionaires. Over $10 billion is going to new construction for public transportation and buildings. The potential is limitless since it is free from major overcrowding, like Manhattan. The city itself is vast, which makes it easier to invest in property and social outreach.

#2) Denver, CO

With a population just under 3 million people, Denver is becoming much more popular among young college kids and elders alike, which is something to consider. Job growth is growing at 2.6% every year and the city is a thriving force for aerospace, the second biggest center for the industry, says Forbes.

The legalization of marijuana has made it more appealing for young men and women, who have flocked to what is being labeled the “Green State.” In the coming years, the marijuana business is expected to flourish in new ways. Though it is difficult to see a laid out strategy at this point, many are predicting an interesting outcome.

#3) Seattle, WA

Seattle has always been a a great place for business growth. Business like Microsoft and Amazon employ over 100,000 jobs in the city alone, which means they have a lot of influence over the people and can be easily sought after.

The city itself is ethnically diverse and the cost of living is relatively fair. Another part of it’s charm is the resources most colleges and businesses offer. Many colleges offer office space and free computers to business owners and beginning entrepreneurs. This can be a great asset for you if you plan to grow a Seattle division.

#4) Houston, TX

Like I said before, everything is bigger in Texas. Houston arose from the recession quicker than any other major city in the country, mostly because of it’s incredible resources in oil and trade. It’s local economy was the fastest growing in the U.S. last year, growing at 8.6%.

Many oil and energy companies are building headquarters in Houston, which is going to bring thousands of employees this year. It has an incredible diversity of fields, with oil and gas, space training (NASA) and the medical world being the top contenders, which gives you more opportunities to reach them all in one place.

#5) Atlanta, GA

With over 5 million people, Atlanta is the busiest cities in the south. If your business is in need of a southern following, Atlanta can bring you the most influence in this category since other cities in the area follow it’s business trends. It has an annual job growth of 2.3% and it’s airport brings in over 90 million passengers every year.

Not to mention, housing prices are just below $100,000 in metro areas, which is a 42% decrease from 4 years ago. It’s cheap, it’s climate is fantastic, it’s people are diverse and it is hubbub of growth potential.¬†