How To Keep Up With The E-Commerce Giants

Image by: Paul Inkles
By Michael Sterling

E-commerce is a hot commodity among giant corporations. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being made through internet sales, and it’s not stopping any time soon. There’s a hidden war between the world’s most powerful companies, and like every war, it is the people who will either suffer or benefit greatly from it. In this case, the “people” is your business.

In America, we can be quite oblivious to the outside world and forget that there are unheard of companies oversees which make billions of dollars in internet sales. It’s your job, as a business owner, to keep up with the trends. The most important thing to know is that business is full of copycats.

When a company has a billion dollar idea, the only way you can fully surpass it is to create the same service, only better. This is the conundrum, especially when a company has a liege of loyal followers. But one thing they all are trying to accomplish is internet expansion. If you meet them in the middle, you might be able to go alone for the joy ride.

Spread Your Wings

Let’s talk figures. According to EMarketer, last year E-commerce sales reached over $1 trillion for the first time ever. By the end of this year, it’s expected to grow at least 18%. These are some big numbers, and companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, with Chinese companies Biadu and Alibaba are heading the top of the list.

In the next few years, E-Commerce is going to be a battlefield for higher revenue. Use this idea to your advantage. The world is much bigger than America. In the next five years, China’s E-Commerce sales are expected to grow 25%s. Instead of competing with them, like Google or Amazon, join them!

Here’s an idea: Alibaba is the leading online retail site in Asia, attracting over 100 million daily visitors from across the world. Their sales are more than Amazon and eBay combined! If you want to boost your E-Commerce sales, consider selling your services or products through Alibaba and other Asian search engines.

Asia is expected to surpass North American E-Commerce sales very soon and since all companies are trying desperately to find their niche in the internet sales market, you will be wherever they are.

Create International Appeal

The internet has created ways for the entire world to connect with you while you’re safe in your living room. This idea can benefit your company tremendously, especially if you feel that it has an international market. Advertising overseas can be one of the best things you can do to grow online sales and create appeal.

Commercials, magazines, internet pop up ads, and billboards can all be organized and shot in America. In fact, most commercials that are seen in Japan are made in Los Angeles. By doing your research and understanding each country’s specific go-to search engine, you can double, even triple your returns.

Invest in multiple international domains, i.e. .com, .biz, .ca, .uk, .fr, .jp, .cn. These domains are familiar to each market, and customers tend to visit whatever is most comfortable. Translate your sites, convert your currency, and market towards their search engines.

Amazon converted their company to international audiences with,,, as well as many other international conversions. By having the same basic structure within all of them , there is minimal upkeep. The consumers run the system like a machine runs itself. This is how you make billions of dollars.

With the internet being so easy to reach other countries, there’s no excuse not to broaden your international appeal.